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David Wicker Ph. D.Hi David, Thanks for the comments and great to hear from you! Yes the sustainability aspects need to be worked out for sure. Getting an economic value is relatively easy compared to a sustainability value. Sustainability needs to consider things like fossil fuel consumption, climate change, eutrophication, acidification, smog formation, land use, employment and probably some oth ...
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Necrotic enteritis (NE) is one of the most important diseases of the world broiler industry which costs over six billion dollars annually. There has been a concerted effort to control and minimise the effects of NE that have arisen since the EU ban of in-feed antibiotics in the poultry industry. Organic acids have been used as alternatives to in-feed antibiotics for maintaining good gut health of ...
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John Wills, PhDHi John! Yes I totally agree that cheap will not work! Nothing better than intact protein from soybean meal (when sustainably produced) balanced with minor amounts of added amino acids to meet the ideal digestible amino acids requirements. All the best! Bob
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We've had laying hens consuming the food waste material now for 15 weeks and production is still above 95%! Much better than expected.
Article published the May 17, 2021
I. INTRODUCTION Food waste refers to “the discarding or alternative (non-food) use of food that was fit for human consumption - by choice or after the food has been left to spoil or expire as a result of negligence” (FAO, 2015). It is estimated that the global economic loss caused by food waste is US$ 1 trillion annually. The wasted amount of cereals, root crops, fruits and vegetables ...
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Carlos Martínez AmezcuaHi Carlos, Great point you are making! If we reduce the crude protein and use more crystalline amino acids to satisfy their requirement soybean meal inclusion is decreased. There will likely be less benefit of phytase as there is less substrate (phytin) for the phytase to degrade. I don't have the full answer but I agree that the phytase matrix values will likely be a ...
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The prices are a moving target. But yes that paper is AUD not Euros. We can say that as time goes by, the purified AA sources will likely get cheaper as demand picks up and economy of scale is realised. The next thing to be considered will be sustainability. On first thought, most will think purified sources will be more sustainable than SBM. However one needs to consider the input materials to pr ...
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Copper (Cu) is an essential component involved in a wide variety of biochemical processes. It must be supplemented in the trace mineral premix as the amount present in raw materials is inadequate to meet broiler requirements. At levels higher than nutritional requirements (up to 250 mg/kg), dietary Cu addition enhances growth performance by altering gut microbiota and enhancing nutrient absorption ...
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Great point!
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Juarez Donzele I tend to agree. I think there is a lot of focus on reduced protein without regard for economics and performance. And in the real world, we have challenges with Eimeria and Clostridium not to mention viruses and parasites. When there are GIT challenges, having less undigested protein reach the hindgut is advantageous as there will be less ammonia produced. Ammonia increases pH and f ...
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