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Participation in Forum on February 14, 2022
Mark Tikriti What processing conditions would it be exposed to? We look forward to your response.
Article published the October 26, 2020
Most of our customer relationships begin with a unique application challenge, and this case was no exception.An internist at a Midwestern medical hospital contacted us to discuss how our technology might be applied to reduce the use of antibiotics in monogastric animals; his concept was to deliver a blend of organic acids into the intestines to target harmful bacteria instead – essentially p ...
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Participation in Forum on May 22, 2020
Ankur Gupta Our ingredients are available globally. We service India from the U.S. Let us know how we can work together.
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Dhanraj Thank you for your inquiry. We are assuming that your question was “What are the mineral requirements for increased weight and optimal health of animals?" The response to this above is, it depends! The chemicals required for weight gain and optimal health in animals are the nutrients. The organic chemicals (organic nutrients) are water, carbohydrates, fats (dietary essential fatty acid ...
Participation in Forum on April 24, 2020
Dr Valeriy Kryukov Thanks for contacting us. We have used our microencapsulation technology to stabilize and deliver enzymes with thermal stability-used in pelleting. Our technology is such that we can deliver high performance particles with varying sizes depending on the desired functionality and request of our collaborating partners. Again, in the space that we occupy, we take the raw enzyme o ...
Article published the March 31, 2020
Essential amino acids appear to be the most efficient nutrient for the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis in older and younger subjects, though the cellular mechanisms responsible are under investigation.In addition to being the precursors for protein synthesis, essential amino acids may directly stimulate the synthetic process. Among the essential amino acids, branched chain amino acids or B ...
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Article published the March 31, 2020
Gut health across multiple species has become a key area of focus in product development. On the human side, formulators are looking to take live probiotics into areas that were once unreachable; and on the animal side, they seek to improve digestive processes in monogastric animals (which, like humans, have single-chambered stomachs).Using microencapsulated delivery systems and slow-release acidi ...
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Article published the March 26, 2020
Believe it or not, most of the encapsulation and microencapsulation techniques in use today—spray drying, spray chilling and fluidized beds, among them—haven’t evolved much since they were first introduced during the World War II era. But market conditions and consumer demand have changed dramatically since then, along with the need for more sophisticated food and feed production ...
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Article published the March 26, 2020
A feed ingredient manufacturer had contracted an encapsulation company to produce coated minerals for use in a feed product for monogastric animals. She said that in warm weather, the material turned into rock-hard little pellets. If they were to mix the pellets in with the feed, the particle size distribution would be so different as to cause separation. So they tried adding a flow agent, but to ...
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Article published the March 26, 2020
Lately we’ve been fielding lots of questions from manufacturers surrounding the use of probiotics in consumer food, companion animal and feed products, and it’s no wonder. The global demand for these “good bacteria” is growing fast due to the diverse therapeutic benefits they provide.In fact, promoting a healthy balance of gut bacteria improves digestion, immunity, weight c ...
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