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EVONIK ANIMAL NUTRITION Better feed for better food: the science of animal nutrition is one of the keys to efficient and sustainable livestock production. And our cutting-edge feed additives, services  and  software solutions play an essential role in the process. Our proven holisti...
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Let’s talk about Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA). In this video, Lukas Bauer, Manager Technical Consultancy for GuanAMINO® at Evonik Animal Nutrition, highlights why GAA is so crucial for Improving animal’s performance land to optimized production costs
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Claudia Parys, Ruminant Nutritionist - Global Technical Support at Evonik Animal Nutrition, points out the challenges of sustainability in feed production nowadays, How Mepron® (Rumen-Protected DL-Methionine) can benefit dairy cattle producers, combat oxidative stress and improve milk production...
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Background Antibiotic Growth Promotors (AGPs) are a group of feed additives widely used to improve animal health and performance. Mode of action is actually still an area of debate, but it is clear we have moved away from a simple model of reduction of pathogens / reduction of microbiota competition with the host animal to one where reduction of inflammation and modulation of immune response ...
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Dear Prof. Juarez Donzele,Regarding Guanidine Acetic Acid (GAA), Formation each mole of GAA consumes a mol of Arg and a mol of Gly. Then supplementation diet with GAA can save some Arg and Gly but any way GAA needs to be methylated by a methyl donor like Met to form Creatine, therefore supplementation diet with GAA may not help suboptimal diet with SAA.
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Dear Prof. Donzele. Please be aware that creatine content of all forms of animal byproducts is EXTREMELY variable; C of V for fish meal approaches 100%. Whilst we do indeed need to progress to a situation where we define an actual creatine requirement for all classes of vertebrate livestock, reliance on animal byproducts should account for this extreme variability. MPS
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Martin Smith, Technical Service Director, Animal Nutrition, explains how Evonik has recognised the need to expand its services to meet the growing challenges faced by nutritionists and livestock production managers; building on the company’s strong foundation and experience in animal
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In 2019, Evonik launched a new science-based training program called the ‘Evonik School of Animal Nutrition’ to help its customers achieve optimum performance and profitability with minimum environmental impact. This short video summarizes the events so far and provides insight into the participants’ experiences. It features Martin Smith, our Technical Director for the MEA region, Ansgar Jaegar, S ...
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We face a global challenge in feeding a rapidly increasing population, while using fewer resources to do it. In short, we need to do more with less. This sustainable global food challenge will take a variety of players and approaches to resolve, but technology will undoubtedly be central if we are to be successful.Digitization, the Internet of Things and more powerful software all offer new tremen ...
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Evonik, the company with a lot to share at PSA 2019 Presenting record 14 abstracts Hosting the Amino Acids Symposium Evonik will present 14 scientific abstracts at the Poultry Science Association (PSA) conference as it looks to share its scientific expertise and develop sustainable solutions to the challenge of feeding the growing global population. This is a record number of accepted subm ...
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