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Lípidos Toledo S.A . began in 1996 as a family business and under the guidance of a group of professionals with extensive experience in the Animal Nutrition field. From the outset, the company''''s mission has been to provide its clients with personalised service and efficient, natural produ...
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Lipids represent a group of organic compounds including fatty acids or their derivatives and are insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents. They are mainly made of carbon and hydrogen and, in a lesser extent, oxygen. Their main function is being an energy store (such as triglycerides) since they have a high energy content (9 Kcal / g). Comparatively, carbohydrates and proteins provide o ...
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Dear Muhammad Hassan Due to the resistances generated by chemical coccidiostats and the higher legislative pressure about its use, coccidia vaccines are becoming more popular as a new option or one more alternative in the rotation programs, the same than Coccilip products. In the case of Coccilip products, we have activity against the different Eimeria species affecting poultry. In the case of yo ...
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Although the first mentions to  “choline” date from XIX century  (In 1850, Theodore Gobley already described a substance “lecithin”, and then, in 1862, Adolph Strecker heated lecithin from bile, which generated a new nitrogenous chemical termed “choline”), choline’s role nutrition was not well known until 1930s.  Since then, several researc ...
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Dear Dr. Maswi, Liptosa's Manager responsible for Tanzania market will contact you for further details Regards Carlos L.
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The development of solutions and products focused on ruminant nutrition has been linked to LIPTOSA since its foundation, more than 25 years ago. Over this time, the evolution of production systems and the needs of the sector led to the mainly enhancing and expanding of monogastric animal lines. Today, strongly established in both national and international markets, the company is committed to e ...
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METHPLUS® is a nutraceutical product that acts in feeds as adjuvant to synthetic methionine (from Latin, adiuvare: to aid). Thanks to its ingredients based on plant extracts, seaweed and legume, helps to enhance remethylating path of the methionine cycle. METHPLUS® was developed thanks to European funds, over a period of 3 years, and its effectiveness has been demonstrated in the field in ...
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Digest FaSt is an effective biosurfactant that combines the emulsifying activity of lysophospholipids together the activity of botanic components. Digest FaSt ensures an excellent digestibility of fats and availability of energy as it acts as a natural emulsifier.
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LIPTOSA will be present again at the IPPE (International Production & Processing Expo, USA) edition from January 25 to 29 through the IPPE MarketplaceSM platform. The face-to-face edition of IPPE 2021 was canceled by the organizers for health and safety reasons against COVID-19, but this event will continue to be available to manufacturers, producers and consumers of the animal industry vir ...
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2020 Summary in Liptosa The year 2020 is over. It has been, undoubtedly, a very different and challenging year that has left uncertainty and immeasurable losses, both personally and professionally, and which has impacted on all countries around the world. But we should not forget that it has also left us a great deal to learn. Nature has made it clear that there are barriers that we cannot ove ...
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DIGEST FAST® allows to reduce up to 10kg of fat in the ration, an important saving that leaves us free space in formulation. Therefore, in addition to saving the cost of fat, the nutritionist has a valuable tool that permits greater flexibility in choosing raw materials, being able to use cheaper and/or less concentrated ingredients. This will allow you to incorporate the additives that you ...
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