Lípidos Toledo S.A . began in 1996 as a family business and under the guidance of a group of professionals with extensive experience in the Animal Nutrition field. From the outset, the company''''s mission has been to provide its clients with personalised service and efficient, natural produ...
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Dr. Syed Imam Shah Dear Dr. Syed Many thanks for your interest in the product. As indicated, COCCILIP is composed by several plant extracts with other technical components, which are all duly authorized for its use in animal nutrition. Due to the different plant extracts included in the product, we could say the way of action is multifactorial, direct and indirec: Direct activity over Eimeria (blo ...
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PHILIP QUINN Dear Philip Coccilip formulation is the result of a long research looking for the most effective combination of herbal extracts and other technical components. Product is manufactured following EU standards, and all its components are duly authorized for its use in animal nutrition in EU. In the case of phytobiotic products, more important than the qualitative composition is how are t ...
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Govinda reddy.dodda Dear Govinda Reddy Many thanks for your message. The products are manufactured by the company LIPTOSA (Lipidos Toledo,S.A), in Spain. Both references are already available in India market. I'll send you the contact details of our partner there Regards
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Is a parasitic disease caused by protozoan of the genus Eimeria, affecting virtually all domestic and wild poultry species. The disease transmission is fecal-oral, by ingesting sporulated oocysts present in the litter, from faeces from infected birds, although a mechanical transmission is also possible through dust, utilities, workers' clothing... The course of the disease (clinical/subclinica ...
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Ileitis is one of the main diseases affecting pig farms. The clinical presentation may be acute - haemorrhagic, chronic or subclinical. The acute form affects animals from 4 to 12 months of age. It presents with profuse and bloody diarrhoea and sudden mortalities of up to 60%. The chronic form is frequent and affects pigs between 6 and 12 weeks of age, causing watery scours, with a characteristi ...
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We present an efficacy study conducted at the Superior Technical School of Agricultural, Food and Biosystem Engineering, at its Experimental Farm in Catalonia, Spain, where the positive effects of a biosurfactant on the diet of 122 pigs crossing PIC with Pietrain are demonstrated, the duration of the test was 14 weeks and 3 diets were provided per lot. Improving Digestion - Enhances the abso ...
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During IPPE 2020, Dr. Chijioke from Interchem Feed and Food Additives Ltd, Distributor of Liptosa in Nigeria, speaks about the portfolio of products that includes a Toxin Binder (Fintox Mold Plus), Nutraceuticals (HYGEN PRO®) and more solutions for the producers.
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Ranganathan Dear Sir I'm Carlos Lopez, DVM and responsible of the Indian market in Liptosa. Glad to hear about your interest in our products and company. I will contact you in private, so we may discuss about India market. Regards
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Ewa Sujka, Head of Sales Department at Liptosa, introduces Coccilip for the Indian Subcontinent, a phytogenic specially designed to control coccidia in animal production and minimizes the risk of secondary bacterial enteritis, during Poultry India 2019.
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Indeed very catchy title, but the concept of standarized botanical powders/liquids is not a novelty.
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