Carlos López Tomé
Lípidos Toledo S.A . began in 1996 as a family business and under the guidance of a group of professionals with extensive experience in the Animal Nutrition field. From the outset, the company''''s mission has been to provide its clients with personalised service and efficient, natural produ...
Video published on December 7, 2022
Carlos López Tomé, Veterinarian, Technical Department at Liptosa, speaks about the mode of action of Naturcoline, a Choline adjuvant for poultry nutrition
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11/15/2022 - Germany
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In recent weeks, the problem of the availability of raw materials has been accentuated, their high cost and uncertainty of supply have made several professionals in the sector rethink their usual way of working. Of course, there are some difficult months ahead, also considering the quality of raw materials in terms of their nutritional value, possible contamination by mycotoxins, rancidity and a l ...
Article published the August 2, 2022
Economical ImpactNowadays, coccidiosis is still considered one of the infectious diseases with the greatest economic impact in the poultry industry, both for the productive losses it causes and for the high costs associated with its prevention and treatment (which are estimated to reach more than 3 billion USD per year).For decades, the use of anticoccidials (ionophore antibiotics and/or chemical ...
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Tested 7 different liver tonics randomly picked up from Indian market. All improved weight gain and body weight uniformity besides majority of the liver tonics improves both wings of immune responses in egg laying pullets at 18 weeks of age....yes liver care should be considered as strategic wise investment
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Dear Ghulam Habib, we will contact you by pm for further discussion
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WHAT IS HEAT STRESS?It is a combination of metabolic and environmental factors that forces animals to undergo physiological, metabolic and behavioral adaptations to maintain body temperature within normal limits and in a sustained mode.Heat stress occurs when the limits of the environmental comfort zone are exceeded. This happens when the combination of temperature, humidity, and air speed trigger ...
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Dear William NdindanaWe have just sent email with contact details for further discussionsRegards
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Dear Dr. Ram Singh , Thanks for your interest in the product. We will contact you by pvt message for further discussions Regards
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Dear William NdindanaAs you say, the use of Natur Colin allows to overcome the technical disadvantages of synthetic choline sources. In relation to your questions, there should be no issues about production capacity. Note also that Natur Colin is already available in several markets across EU, Asia, Africa and America, with very possitive feedback in all of them, demonstrating its effectiveness re ...
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