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I have done tests to 4 hours with out water but lots of feed I find chicks starting way better when u let them fill up on feed first getting 195 to 205 gram chicks first week and 3% mortality through out flock
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I am talking about when chicks first show up and I give them lots of feed for 3 hours before I give the water that way they fill crops with feed instead with water it’s like when we would go for lunch if we fill up with water than we eat less
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What about the stuff from China
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What is more important, feed or water, when birds first show up?
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We feed mash on our farm and it’s better than pallets because it’s the same every time pallets sometimes fall apart than u get dusty feed broilers don’t like eating dusty feed
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When controlling bacterial enteritis #one is dry barn conditions, zeolite, garlic, butyrate and 100 ppm peroxide in water.
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Good stuff, I think to help to get a healthy gut is to have the litter as dry as possible and feed birds good essential oils, clean water, good feed I know that bad environment is bad for all living things.
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I think clean water and organic acids, essential oils, herbs and spices is good it has to be that's why it was created its even healthy for humans
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So what are you encapsulating?
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Has anybody ever fed peas extruded at 300 Fahrenheit being heat extruded? I think it would be like eating raw potato versus french fries.
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