Article published the June 4, 2021
Rapidly growing birds may consume up to twice as much water as feed (Scantling and Watkins 2013), which means a plentiful supply of clean water is crucial for poultry health and productivity. To determine the quality of your poultry’s water resources, periodic sampling and analysis is needed. Analyzing water supplies can also be a crucial tool in identifying existing or potential c ...
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Highly informative article.
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ajoy chandra roy Hi, Thank you for your interest. You can find more information about the biopromoter (Gamaxine) and the MOS (Uniwall MOS) in
News published on September 9, 2019
The Latin American Poultry Congress will take place in Lima, Peru, on October 9-11, and will count with Susan Watkins (Emeritus Distinguished Professor - University of Arkansas System’s Division of Agriculture) as one of the speakers. Watkins will be giving a presentation at this event entitled "Managing water quality to benefit productivity". The lecture will start at 12:45 on October 10th ...
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Hi all,My education didn't quite get to the heights of those large words.Totally agree where you are heading, you have oxidization and sanitation. some products are good at oxidization like peroxide but are no good as ongoing sanitizing.I have been involved with a number different peroxides which produced beautifully tasting 1 NTU water supply though a clarifier which removed the organics, iron an ...
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Chandra Mohan no, when water is chlorinated with 2-4 ppm of free chlorine, it can be beneficial to bird health
Article published the July 23, 2019
1. Introduction Market broilers face a variety of stresses, including feed and water withdrawal, vehicle vibration, and noise during live hauls from farms to processing plants. Among these, complex thermal environments have been identified as a major factor inducing physiological stress [1–9], with the most stressful stimuli being the extremes of heat and cold, contributing to seasonal ...
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Wijaya Saputra Lots of good numbers! Cocci is definitely cycling, but is it cycling even in the birds? I would check a few things along with identifying what species of Eimeria is causing you trouble at 35 days. They cycle differently. 1) is it being applied properly - check tongue staining at Hatchery2) first cycle in the house- are birds confined long enough to ingest all species of Eimeria?3) u ...
Article published the October 30, 2018
Introduction Keeping birds comfortable during hot, humid weather is critical for optimizing weight gains, feed conversion and livability. Improved growth rates and the trend to heavier average market weights contribute to greater heat loads in modern broiler barns. While the poultry industry has made significant strides to minimize seasonal effects, even the best housing design can still result i ...
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