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Manual of Poultry Diseases available in four languages

Published: July 21, 2023
Source : https://www.afas.fr/
Dr. Jeanne Brugère-Picoux and Dr. Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt, with the support of the French Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AFAS), produced a Manual of Poultry Diseases that is available free of charge in four languages. The work consists of 713 pages and 2700 illustrations with contributions from 100 authors from different countries and 113 scientific articles. "The objectives of this new edition are to update in an exhaustive way, practical information on avian pathology in order to help and facilitate the diagnosis of diseases that affect all bird species. In this new edition, we place special emphasis on the control of poultry diseases," said the editors. 
Bernard Vallat, Director General of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), said: "Poultry represents the majority of animal production in both developed and developing countries. Poultry production has expanded rapidly in recent years, particularly in Asia. However, growth has been slowed worldwide by the spread of avian flu since the end of 2003. Poultry production is very important for the economy and food security in many developing countries, as poultry farming is easy to carry out, especially in backyard poultry production, and is often an essential staple product for human consumption. This manual on poultry diseases, rich in illustrations, is a basic work providing an overview of poultry production throughout the world, describing the different types of disease affecting all species of domestic birds, with a section reserved for differential diagnosis to help in the detection and recognition of a particular disease". 

To download the Manual of Poultry Diseases in English click on the cover image of the book:

France – Manual of Poultry Diseases available in four languages - Image 1

Available free of charge in other languages:
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