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Nadir Alloui
Ph D
Pr Nadir Alloui , DVM - Ph D Head of Poultry Sciences Division Working address: Environment, Health and Animal Production Laboratory (LESPA) Batna University, Veterinary Department 05000,Algeria
Ph D
News published on July 21, 2023
Dr. Jeanne Brugère-Picoux and Dr. Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt, with the support of the French Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AFAS), produced a Manual of Poultry Diseases that is available free of charge in four languages. The work consists of 713 pages and 2700 illustrations with contributions from 100 authors from different countries and 113 scientific articles. "The objectives ...
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Article published the May 8, 2023
INTRODUCTIONRepercussions of Coronavirus disease 2019 outbreak (currently known as COVID-19) on future global health are still being investigated, including the pandemic’s potential effect on the emergence, and spread of global antimicrobial resistance (AMR) [3]. According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, AMR causes about 700,000 deaths annually, which has been estimated to increase ...
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It's a good article, the information is clear and direct; I really enjoy reading this time the communications. Make sence to send my congratulations to this team. Dr Gomez
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Dear Dr. Nadir Alloui, Quick & reliable methods of enumerating bacteria on surfaces are well come in the meat processing industry and it is good that the experiment done to show both methods are comparable as one can choose which method to use. Though Pro3S method is faster, there can be instances that the results can deviate far from the actual. For example, if a surface is contaminated with ...
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We think may be related with Adenovirus serotype 1, is necesary histopathological study
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Dear . Sir adeno virus classified into 12 serotype and available commercial vaccine contain serotype 4 only , but no have cross protection between stereotypes except between serotype 4 and 8 so the vaccine not only solution , adeno virus not primary infection always come after immune supressive disease such as IBD , CAV SO i think to control IBH must control immune supressive factor plus bio ...
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dear sirs' i have also came across to many ibh cases in broiler some of which shows symptoms from the first week onward, so in that case killed ibh vaccine doesnt give protection due to lack of vaccine titre, so is there any chances or any future prospects to produce any live ibh vaccines which can protect the bird itself from the first week onward?
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1- In case of Broiler Commercial Chicks, Majority of IBH -Outbreaks or Clinical Case Seen between 2 to 3 rd week. 2- In Case of Broiler Parent Birds (chicks ) - During Brooding , 1-st wk -Suspected. This Difference is well Appreciable or Something Else.
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Location:Batna, Batna, Algeria
Profile: Academic / scientific
Professional Title: Ph D