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Pr Nadir Alloui , DVM - Ph D Head of Poultry Sciences Division Working address: Environment, Health and Animal Production Laboratory (LESPA) Batna University, Veterinary Department 05000,Algeria
Ph D
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We think may be related with Adenovirus serotype 1, is necesary histopathological study
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Dear . Sir adeno virus classified into 12 serotype and available commercial vaccine contain serotype 4 only , but no have cross protection between stereotypes except between serotype 4 and 8 so the vaccine not only solution , adeno virus not primary infection always come after immune supressive disease such as IBD , CAV SO i think to control IBH must control immune supressive factor plus bio ...
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dear sirs' i have also came across to many ibh cases in broiler some of which shows symptoms from the first week onward, so in that case killed ibh vaccine doesnt give protection due to lack of vaccine titre, so is there any chances or any future prospects to produce any live ibh vaccines which can protect the bird itself from the first week onward?
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1- In case of Broiler Commercial Chicks, Majority of IBH -Outbreaks or Clinical Case Seen between 2 to 3 rd week. 2- In Case of Broiler Parent Birds (chicks ) - During Brooding , 1-st wk -Suspected. This Difference is well Appreciable or Something Else.
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Respiratory problems are considered one of the most important challenges in poultry farming, with a significant economic and productive impact, not just because of their high morbidity and mortality, but also because of the decrease production and higher seized materials in the slaughterhouse they cause. Furthermore, main reasons for the use of antimicrobials in aviculture are related to respirato ...
Article published the March 17, 2021
Background Avian influenza (AI) is an infectious viral disease that mainly affects the respiratory or digestive system. The avian influenza viruses (AIV) affect different species of wild and domestic birds [1]. They belong to the Orthomyxoviridae family, having a single stranded RNA genome composed of eight segments that code for more than 11 viral proteins. The Hemagglutinin (HA) and the neuramin ...
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You may wish checking a very recent paper published in Poultry Science, Poult. Sci., (2014) 93:132-137 on the effect of essential oils and plant extracts on broiler production. Regards
Article published the March 9, 2021
IntroductionSalmonellosis is one of the major foodborne diseases in developed countries [1]. It is known to be closely related to the consumption of contaminated food of animal origin, including eggs and poultry meat [2,3]. Salmonella enteritidis phage type 6 (PT6) is suspected to be the cause of epidemics of foodborne diseases in many countries [4]. Other severe outbreaks of S. enteritidis PT1 in ...
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