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A medium sized broiler day old chick supplier into the Indonesian market, P.T. Peternakan Ayam Manggis, use Cobb 500 grandparent stock and have a production base of about 800,000 parent stock. They also have Hisex layer breeders and sell day old layers. Over the last decade, since switching to Cobb for broilers, they have been improving performance with investments in feed milling and other sector ...
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From 2Q onwards, the chemical industry upward trend was verified as a set one. Prices of more than 40 critical chemical raw materials showed an increase. At that time, there were also some raw materials with market prices falling. As of May 20, the market for chemical raw materials was mixed, but like other bulk raw materials such as metals, it is fundamentally rising.Since mid-April, the outbreak ...
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Infections with coccidia are often associated with severe economic losses. Currently the prevention and control of coccidiosis is based on good hygiene, chemotherapy (Coccidiostats) and immunization. Monitoring programmes are essential for the early recognition of strains developing resistance. Generally, anticoccidial drugs or vaccination alone is of little value, unless they are accompanied by i ...
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The avian respiratory system has a unique structure that provides the birds the most efficient respiration among all terrestrial vertebrates. It is essential to allow flight, a highly energetic activity that requires a fast metabolism together with a remarkably effective oxygen supply. The respiratory system in birds consists of a paired static lungs, where the gas exchange happens, and conne ...
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The WVEPAH is pleased to announce that online courses will soon be available. This new formula will combine online training sessions in synchronous and asynchronous mode. For all courses, a forum will be open for a fixed period of time, during which all participants will be able to ask questions and see the answers provided to their fellow course participants’ questions. This structure, by u ...
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INTRODUCTION Disease control, high production, product quality, and reasonable production costs have been the recent main goals of the poultry industry. Hence, meeting per capita consumption and welfare to humans necessitates continuous efficient and goal-oriented healthcare to control disease spread and decrease the application of antibiotics (1). These endeavors will include the launch of progra ...
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The are several publications related to nepheritis with QX IBV strain wre published . e.g. Sigrist B., K. Tobler, M. Schybli, L. Konrad, R. Stöckli, G. Cattoli, D. Lüschow, H. M. Hafez, P. Britton, R.K. Hoop and A. Vögtlin (2012). Detection of Avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus type QX infection in Switzerland. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 24(6) 1180–1183.
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In case of infection with nephrotropic IB strain , the kidneys of affected birds are pale, mottled, and can be 2 to 3 times their normal size. Urates are common and can be identified easily in the kidneys and ureters at necropsy
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