Article published the August 24, 2020
Occurrence IB has been reported as a disease only in chickens. All ages of chickens are susceptible to infection, however, clinical disease severity varies. IB is considered to be worldwide in distribution. The incidence is not constant throughout the year, being reported more often during the cooler months. History The disease was first described in 1931 in a flock of young chickens in the U ...
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Article published the March 25, 2019
The poultry industry continues to rapidly expand throughout many regions of the world. World production of chicken and eggs is twice the level of only two decades ago. The genetic potential of the broiler, breeder, and egg-type layer has changed dramatically, resulting in a higher producing but more fragile chicken. Thus, the commercial chicken of today requires improved management practices. In t ...
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Article published the October 26, 2017
Intestinal parasites (worms) are very common in chickens in the backyard type poultry flocks. The presence of a few parasites does not usually cause a problem. However, large numbers can have a devastating effect on growth, egg production, and overall health. The concentration of parasite eggs in the chickens environment is one factor which plays a major role in determining the severity of the inf ...
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Article published the October 2, 2015
Fertile egg production and incubation and production of broiler meat are both an art and a science. People have taken full control of incubating fertile eggs by artificial means to supply the increasing world demand for poultry meat. It is estimated that worldwide more than 35 billion fertile broiler eggs are incubated annually. If eggs were still incubated naturally and broilers raised in small b ...
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News published on March 26, 2015
USSEC consultants Craig Coon, professor of poultry science and nutrition at the University of Arkansas, and Gary Butcher, professor of avian diseases at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida, recently visited Tunisia. Dr. Coon and Dr. Butcher led a Poultry Diseases and Nutrition seminar and made field visits to a National Reference nutrition laboratory, feed mill, broiler farm, ...
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Dear Dr. Greg, I had worked with recombinant vaccines in my laboratory for over 10 years against a number of agents-- ILT, Gumboro, Newcastle, Marek's. These worked very well in the laboratory, giving complete protection against contolled challenge. However, in the field they were a disappointment in that small disease breaks consistently occurred. Recently in the state of Florida (USA), the reco ...
Article published the June 14, 2013
Protecting poultry against disease involves more than simply administering preventive vaccines. Disease prevention is a complex and multifaceted process. Vaccine quality is commonly blamed when a disease occurs; however, there are usually other factors responsible. A comprehensive investigation is often called for to identify the cause(s) and to resolve the problem. Commercial poultry farms have ...
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Excellent paper about poultry health. Well balanced and practical. Gary Butcher
Article published the July 29, 2011
Infectious bursal disease (IBD) is an acute and highly contagious viral infection of immature chickens. IBD is characterized by destruction of lymphocytes in the bursa of Fabricius (BF) and to a lesser extent in other lymphoid organs. The disease is a major problem in concentrated poultry production areas throughout the world. However, it is often not recognized due to a subclinical form. Affected ...
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