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Based on the pathogenesis of QX strain/s on the reproductive system of breeder hens, I do recommend the following vaccinations {Avian Pathology 2009; 38 (6): 449-454 Avian Pathology 2011; 40(5): 463-471}. Day 1: Ma5 (or H120) + IB Primo QX (D388) Nobilis Or Ma5 (or H120) +1/96 (Ibird, Ceva) Or  Poulvac IB primer (H120+D274 clone) Day 5-7: Galimone 208 (Inactivated ND+AI) +IB ( ...
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Carlos Mallmann, Director of the Laboratory of Mycotoxicological Analysis, from the University of Santa Maria in Brazil (UFSM - Brasil), speaks about the technologies for predictions of mycotoxins in poultry, during a visit of a team of nutritionists from India belonging to Venky's, who toured the facilities of SAMITEC, PEGASUS and LAMIC, and the University of Santa Maria.
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Kannan Ganapathy (University of Liverpool) talked about the epidemiology, prevention and control of this disease, during Avicolas Porcinos 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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    Hyun S. Lillehoj, Senior Researcher Immunologist at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), makes a summary of her conference Avian gut immune system and gut homeostasis, during the Intestinal Health Workshop, at the North Carolina State University, supported by DSM Nutritional Products.
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