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Ensapuh Veterinary Services limited the vaccine is not used in broilers as 1) it is too expensive2) the idea is that you vaccinate breeders and produce mycoplasma free broilers - horizontal transmission in broilers between flocks is not that important and most flocks will get through without needing treatment.3) you should do MG and MS live vaccines4) Maternal antibody is thought to have no effect ...
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can you please email me
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Dear Kristina, I agree with you. We found this when I was in Budapest with Miklos. The definition of a field strain by being negative in a test is a real problem. Most strain specific PCRs are less sensitive than pan Species PCRs so it is easy to get a Pan positive/strain negative result on direct swabs. Miklos group have published MG vaccine PCRs (MAMAs) and we have a CAST PCR here. One of ...
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Aripin Drh This is typical of vaccine that has been stored at -20. You can do this but you cant store the vaccine for more than 4 weeks at -20 and you should not use a domestic freezer that is frost free. Please email me so I can send you a special thermometer we are making for thawing.
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Taha Taibehno MG challenge - jeje
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Taha Taibeh Antibiotic resistance in the MS? or using erythromycin which has no effect on MS. and many other reasons.
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Dzugble DaCosta Well I am pretty sure you cant get MSH in Ghana. Just controlling MG with live vaccination gives you less than half of the control of mycoplasmosis needed as if you use antibitoics to control the effects of MS then this will interfere with the live MG vaccine protection.
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Dr/ Mohamed Hassan Salem Live vaccine is important as is biosecurity. Killed vaccines are not important. Killed vaccines have been shown to decrease trachael populations, decrease vertical transmission and some other systemic effects. They make a lot of humoral antibody and this can be turned into maternal antibody but humoral antibody has little effect on trachael populations and maternal an ...
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please email me and tell me what country you are in. I will see if I can help you
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