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The vaccines have different kinetics with serology and PCR MSH tends to increase in pan species PCR to 100% about 8 weeks post vaccination and stay high for the life of the bird. DIVA PCRs are less sensitive than pan species PCRs in general. ts-11 initially increases in pan MG PCRs to about 4 week post vaccination peaking at 40% and then decrease again to rise as the birds come into lay and pea ...
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Very interesting - are the birds infected? Do you have any PCR results?
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Dr m usman haider do you or the feedmill put antibiotics in during lay? (What is the programme?) Is there any challenge? Cheers chris
Article published the March 29, 2021
Oral lesions in chickens can be caused by trichothecene mycotoxins (for example T2) but there are other causes including any contact toxins (CuSO4), excessive CuSO4 and physically rough forms of particulate Calcium. Mycotoxin binder salesmen regard oral lesions as pathognomic for lack of mycotoxin binder in the feed and diagnosticians always worry that a negative mycotoxin assay is a sampling arte ...
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Paulo Martins Dear Paulo, I agree that we have to stop using antibiotics prophylactically. They have been a short term solution but we now need long term solutions (biosecurity and some places vaccination). We can't trust people who make their living from selling antibiotics to forego sales. They have too much of a vested interest. I see that you are Brazilian. In my travels, Brazil struck me as t ...
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David Burch, I think when people are using antibiotics prophylactically in poultry they tend to use macrolides, tiamulin, etc in Breeders and Layers in lay. Most coccidiostats are incompatible with laying. Then this leaves them with tetracyclines in broilers for prophylaxis (day 18-22). Of course tetracyclines are difficult to use in lay because of the high Calcium levels in layer feed. The target ...
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Aripin Drh!Pages/Publications/Documents/DOC-Bulletin-2015-02.pdf
Article published the February 10, 2021
Live ts mycoplasma vaccines were created to be safe but still immunogenic. So how can we assess this immunogenicity in the field? This bulletin condenses the experience of 20 years trying to monitor vaccine response and differentiate problems from normal responses. Various approaches have been taken to improve serological monitoring (for example, cloned homologous antigens) and understand problems ...
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Serology is meaningless after vaccination. It could be you have moved or changed your NDV from LaSota to VG/GA. Have a look at my serology bulletin.!Pages/Publications/Documents/DOC-Bulletin-2015-02.pdf Cheers chris
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How many people use antibiotics after F strain vaccination to limit the vaccine reaction? Is it recommended by the vaccine company.
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