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Article published the January 2, 2019
INTRODUCTION The simplest approach to decrease dependence on routine antibiotic regimes in animal production is to implement alternative methods to control the bacterial challenges that the antibiotics are modulating (and not look at antibiotics as non-specific production enhancers). The chronic nature of mycoplasma infections and vertical transmission in poultry are the reasons for the strategy ...
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Amod Saru Magar you could have antibiotic resistant strains - we are currently collecting these by a new culture technique in Asia Chris.morrow@bioproperties.com.au
Article published the October 12, 2018
1) Mycoplasma synoviae (MS) does nothing. 2) MS does not have airborne spread. 3) It is not MS because there is no joint involvement. 4) You must use F strain in the first stage of eradicating MG. That MS does nothing is an interesting view. There is great variation in the potential of MS strains to cause disease but avian Mycoplasma experts worldwide agree that MS is a pathogen, it has its ow ...
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It is frustrating and disappointing how we veterinarians, flock and farm managers, farm owners abuse and overlook the antibiotic resistance on today's world. We're already living an post antibiotic era. But the vast majority of those involved in food chain, in some countries, still do not realize it. Some comments above are the testimony of this.
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I have been to India quite a bit lately and control also includes combinations of live and killed vaccines, biosecurity and antibiotics. The availability of mycoplasma free replacement stock is also a new innovation and requires a complete rethink of mycoplasma control in India. I also saw a lot of flocks still having mycoplasma problems despite being treated regularly with antibiotics even with T ...
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Have a look at my similar articles on www.bioproperties.com.au or researchgate
Article published the March 26, 2018
What puzzle? – How to grow broilers and produce eggs without the routine use of antibiotics in poultry areas (with endemic mycoplasma challenge).   For a long time antibiotics have been used in poultry and egg production but there is considerable consumer/regulatory pressure, price pressure and technical reasons why the administration of antibiotics on a routine basis needs to be phas ...
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Article published the August 31, 2017
Asian poultry production systems rapidly adopt and often adapt new health protection strategies but maximum biological performance, long-term sustainability and cost are only some of the aims of producers. It is these adaptations are the focus of this paper. New strategies are often added to previous strategies and very rarely replace or displace previous strategies and thus usually increase cost ...
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Massive advances in our understanding of Pasteurella multicoda killed vaccines' protection is beginning. LPS genotypes can now be defined molecularly and more accurately than Heddleston typing. This can explain why challenges on farms change from serotype to serotype over time (remaining the same LPS genotype) and why apparently homologous vaccines to the challenge Heddleston serotype do not pro ...
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