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The vaccines have different kinetics with serology and PCR MSH tends to increase in pan species PCR to 100% about 8 weeks post vaccination and stay high for the life of the bird. DIVA PCRs are less sensitive than pan species PCRs in general. ts-11 initially increases in pan MG PCRs to about 4 week post vaccination peaking at 40% and then decrease again to rise as the birds come into lay and pea ...
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Commercial laying hens health and production activity are continuously threatened, intensive breeding is becoming the most followed approach for many different type and size of companies. Therefore there is world-widespread agreement on nutrition key importance, since finding the right feed blend and measuring its performance is what really makes the difference for both the animal productivity and ...
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Interesting, do you have some information on light bird breeders?
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Dr German Mercado. Both vaccines are secure.I have to mention that olders flocks not vaccinated because of diferents age situation in same premise will be good to considere antibiotics against mycoplasma every 4 wks until gone in order to best control exposure. Thanks.
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German Mercado MVZ;MSc.Rancho Grande Breeder Manager.Mexico. I agree the best way to work such a problem is to vaccinate against M.synoviae and M.gallisepticum at 4-5 wks of age,chek the chix they have to be clean from mycoplamas before vaccination and avoid the use of antibiotics against mycoplasmas..The ts11for Mg and vax safe for synoviae are vaccines that work fine.
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