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Hello Dr. Chris MorrowI did the MG Ts11 vaccination at the Farm Broiler Breeder at 28 days of age.Before vaccination, I gave prevention MG with Tylmicosin for 5 days.The distance between treatment and MG Ts11 vaccination It was 5 days and 10 days.The Amean description of ELISA MG titer, 6 weeks after vaccination is as follows:A. Distance between administration of Tylmicosin and MG TS11 vaccine for ...
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Wijaya Saputra Serology is useless after live vaccination (and probably killed MG vaccination). There are too many normal responses and perhaps these are modulated by factors other than mycoplasma - like using LaSota.!Pages/Publications/Documents/DOC-Bulletin-2015-02.pdf See the bulletin. But in Australia nearly all broiler breeders have no serological response ...
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Greetings to all colleagues. Please, I need advice: I want to know what is the most effective way to get rid of Mycoplasma disease in a breeding farm that keeps repeating where the chickens have been infected with mycoplasma disease, besides removing chicken manure, washing the cage and disinfecting the cage and cage equipment. The disinfectants used are Glutaraldehyde & Benzalkonium Chlo ...
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Chris Morrow (Bioproperties) discusses antimicrobial resistance, as well as prevention of mycoplasma, and the need for continuous change in poultry production.
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Dear dr. Wijaya Saputra Seemingly the ELISA titers are not a vaccine titers, because the ts-11 vaccine titers are never ever rise up to this level in 4 weeks period, they diminish or disappear in 4 weeks period. So these titers are infection. So you have to give antibiotics, preferably after sensitivity test for the MG if possible, otherwise, give blindly a reputable anti-mycoplasmal one.
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Tiamutin 45 % could not be used in presence of salinomycin. Maduramycin in feed. However, tilmicocin or tylosin or tylovylosin is potentially good drug against MG in early stages of diseases. Your flocked should good antibody titre against MG. For sneezing or snoring, you can apply anti-cough cough syrup or expectorant available in your areas.
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Wijaya Saputra Dear according to bio check base line titer MG Elisa titer 1000-3000 and 30-70 serpositive at 6-12 weeks after TS-11 vaccine application so I see this titer and 100 % seopositivity indicate to MG field infection so treat your flock with antimycoplasma and advice you repeat prophylactic anti mycoplasma treatment every 4-6 Weeks
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I have mycoplasma Gallisepticum problem. DOC layer comes from PS layer infected with MG. at the age of 1-5 days treated with Tylvalosin, at the age of 15-18 days treated with Tylmicosin and at the age of 28 days an Intraocular application of MG Ts11 vaccine was performed. Serology monitoring was performed at 10 weeks, 16 weeks, 20 weeks for the purpose of the ELISA MG Test. Elisa MG 10 weeks: Amea ...
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Data result Oocyst counted per 7 days from Hen houses 01 to 08 HH age 14 ds 21 ds 28 days 35 days H01 787,5 75262,5 97850 13762,5 H02 4650 186000 115612,5 26887,5 H03 27750 132300 19762,5 8737,5 H04 13575 134887,5 79425 2550 H05 59250 133950 19725 14325 H06 69900 161962,5 31087,5 14775 H07 14212,5 161062,5 13800 5287,5 H08 1 ...
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Dear Dr. Chris Morrow.I use ts11 vacine in the field to follow the procedure of properties. My birds are broiler breeder. We use ts11 vaccin at age 28 days. If result ELISA MG with mean titer range of 1000 to 2000 and % positive 50%, what is save to my birds of challange MG field infection. Please give me suggestions on what to do.
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