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Mohammad Afrouziyeh (University of Alberta) discusses Least Cost Feed formulation and Maximum Profit Feed formulation models, as well as the application of mathematical Linear Programming and Non Linear Programming models that are used in animal nutrition.
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Thanks Abdullahi, I only talked on physical and environmental manipulations to decrease heat stress. Thanks
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Agree with several of these comments so let me put some thoughts about my experience on coccidiosis. Necrotic enteritis would be for another occasion.Let´s not forget that clean houses don´t allow the chicks to develop early immune response against coccidiosis, instead, this will delay the immune response which will typically play an important role of coccidiosis control when ionophore ...
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Greetings, what would be the preventive treatment in the raising of pullets against coccidia, if coccidiostatic is not used in the food?
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KEY POINTSBirds ‘reproductive cycle is controlled by changes in day length called as Photoperiod.Birds perceive this photoperiod in two ways:a) Through retinal of the eye to visual cortex and pituitary glandb) Through harderian gland (UVA specific light) which triggers reproductive systemBirds are not “stimulated” by the entire period of light, but rather by two important parts o ...
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Greetings, Martin. Would you have the updated tables of the requirements in each one of the species of those amino acids, please?
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IntroductionLysine (Lys) is the second limiting amino acid (AA) in practical corn-soybean meal diets. Growth performance and proper muscle development of broiler chickens is highly dependent of an adequate dietary supply of Lys. Although all AA coded in the nucleic acid sequence are required for muscle protein synthesis, also depending on its frequency and dietary supply, Lys is the main esse ...
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I want to know more sir, please. From India.
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Sachin Patil The F-vax in the United States has changed over the years and now is very non-reactive compared to the past. in 2000, 1/4 of a dose of F-vax by water or spray would result in respiratory signs and 100% seroconversion. In 2010, a full dose of F-vax by spray produced no respiratory reaction and 30 to 40% positive seroconversion. Our producers now have gone to the eyedrop method of appli ...
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