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Introduction Infectious bronchitis (IB) is primarily a respiratory disease of chickens but with potential to cause more widespread infection in the urinary and reproductive tracts in chicken leading to significant production losses in commercial broiler and layer flocks worldwide [1]. The causative infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) belongs to the family Coronaviridae. The disease is usually chara ...
Article published the October 12, 2018
Mini Review Among the possible infectious agents that affect poultry, diseases of the respiratory tract are considered the main health problem, causing both an increase in the number of carcass condemnations and a decrease in the productivity of the flocks [1]. This situation can be partially justified by the avian anatomical characteristics and the propensity to the diseases [2,3]. If the avian ...
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Article published the October 11, 2018
Opinion Decisions taken without objective criteria are not decisions, they are hunches. Some years ago, mathematical models have been developed in our laboratory to help explain the immune response to vaccination programs and understand the damage caused by mycotoxins (highly carcinogenic fungal toxins) in chickens. It was also developed a methodology for the use of artificial intelligence (artif ...
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