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Ascites (or water belly) is a condition of fast growing broiler chickens in which the excess amount of ascitic fluid accumulated in the abdominal cavity. It has become major concern to the poultry industry around the world. This condition is extremely common in high altitude & more particularly during winter / cooler season. Ascites is associated with inadequate supply of oxygen, poor ventila ...
Discussion created on November 6, 2022
I would like to find out what are the causes of stunted growth in broiler chickens? How can this be controlled in a flock once it happens, what are the remedial measures to save the flock?
Participation in Forum on September 14, 2022
It's excellent, can't wait to learn.
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Good morning everyone, I am a Veterinarian specialized in Animal Production who has been working since 1997 with poultry, rabbit, cattle, sheep, goat and pig farms. Now, for a year I have been working at the National Health Service as an Animal Health Veterinarian in Tuscany. If my support and my skills on the subject can be used, I will be happy to give my contribution to the project. Congratulat ...
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Mohammed Mouhafid, Regional Technical Manager for Africa at AlzChem, points out the negative effects of Heat Stress and How Creamino® reduces the negative impact of this issue in poultry.
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IntroductionFowl cholera is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Pasteurella multocida. This species is named “multocida”, which may be interpreted as a bacterium that "kills" (cida) "many" (multo). In 1879, Pasteur was able to cultivate this bacterium; this was the first time that disease-causing bacteria were grown in culture media, outside the animal host. Pasteur inadverte ...
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Very good and informative article.
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Proper nutrition and fat quality may also affect prolapse in laying hen.
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  John Smith, Director of Health Services at Fieldale Farms Corporation, talk to us about his conference ABF broiler production perspectives, which were addressed some challenges and opportunities producing ABF broilers in the USA, during the Intestinal Health Workshop, supported by DSM Nutritional Products, at the North Carolina State University
Discussion created on December 30, 2016
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