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Intestinal welfare is one of the most important and more complex objectives to achieve and maintain in animal production. In commercial production, the gut is under high pressure because of the metabolic effort and challenging agents present, which may favor intestinal imbalances and the reduction of nutrient utilization, decreasing production efficiency. Therefore, a good status of intestinal hea ...
Product published on June 17, 2019
Farm- Production Projection The Projection Module is about the prediction of different aspects like the requirements of raw materials, feed, and performance of flocks. With Tech Kripa Projection Module, you’ll get a deviation option that helps you to predict for the next many years. You need just to input the required data. Features With Tech Kripa‘s eIFLOC Projection Module or PM, you’ll have t ...
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Product published on June 17, 2019
Breeder Farm Management Hatchery Management Broiler Farm Management Layer Farm Management Feed Mill Management
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Graphical presentation of data in eIFLOC Poultry Software is one of the Key feature, it provides a quick and easy-to-read picture of information that clearly shows what otherwise takes a great deal of explanation. It is much simpler to understand when the data is expressed in the form of a graph. HE Production can be compared with Standard Production and Multiple flocks, below shown is a graph ...
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Hatching Egg Productions- Actual vs Standard
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