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In response to the question on whether to start chicks on feed or water first, chicks should have both. Feed and water consumption are highly correlated. So eating will encourage drinking and drinking will encourage eating. Both feed consumption and water consumption have been shown to up-regulate intestinal secretions and intestinal development. In addition, both feed and water intake have be ...
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Re: Healthy poultry through adequate management and balanced nutrition 23/11/2016 Healthy poultry products can only be obtained by taking seriously the issue of bio security. Management must emphasize extreme environmental cleaniness inorder minimize the need for growth promoters. Spices and natural herbs which have no known residual effects and functions as growth promoters have been teste ...
Video published on July 4, 2014
Dr. J. O. Isikwenu from Delta State University, presents his paper on the effect of Xylopia aethiopica dried fruits (grains of selim) as an additive on the performance and microbial population in starter broiler chicks.
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July 3, 2014
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