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For sure Chinese products have quality issues,They have to prove it wrong.
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Three recent feeding studies confirm that supplying laying hens with adequate dosages of a methionine is necessary to optimize performance, but moreover, products of the methionine-hydroxy analog (liquid MHA-FA; MHA-Ca) are interchangeable with DL-methionine at a ratio of 100:65, without having any negative effect on egg production performance. Assessment of the relative bioavailability of MHA pro ...
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To sterilize water drinking lines try Lupromix from BASF
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Biosecurity is key to poultry farming,nice topic thanks
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Phytase works very well when correct FTU matrics are applied in the formulations.
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To my understanding DL and L Metionine are 99%,which to me makes them more superior.
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Would like to know the % of Methionine in the HMTBa.
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We can try Lupro-mix NC from basf.
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Most enzymes are included at 100g/ton for rations with more wheat by Natugrain TS,and Natugrain Combi fro BASF.
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I do not agree to feed poultry or any other animal on poultry waste,maybe if there is a detailed scientific proof data on the same.And on the same i would like to know anybody with information on how to turn poultry wet waste litter from cages into fertalizer,and if maybe we have a chemical to use?
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