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EVONIK ANIMAL NUTRITION Better feed for better food: the science of animal nutrition is one of the keys to efficient and sustainable livestock production. And our cutting-edge feed additives, services  and  software solutions play an essential role in the process. Our proven holisti...
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As Dr Ibe states, identifying the type of Eimeria can help with planning control, both prevention and treatment. Tools like ScreenFloX will help in this regard. This tool does, however, require a veterinary laboratory equipped with PCR analysis technology. MPS
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Sandrine Grasteau Thanks Sandrine, I am in contact with your colleagues M
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Thank you so much Edgar Orlando Oviedo-Rondón and Hernan Alejandro Córdova-Noboa for this comprehensive article, which clearly shows the mode of action of guanidinoacetic acid in mitigating wooden breast incidence and severity. Interestingly, it was found that the percentage reduction of breast muscle creatine was 17% in wooden breast affected muscle and 4% in white stripping compared to normal ...
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Beverly Chinonye Okpalugo Coccidial organisms are prevalent in all environments. Using sand as a bedding is no guarantee of freedom of infection; to state otherwise is misleading. To reduce the risk of coccidiosis requires excellent hygiene, good biosecurity, and then implementation of a treatment strategy that can include both coccidiostats and anti-coccidial vaccines. Coccidiosis probably causes ...
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Hi Amanat ullah: What you are talking about in breeder (Broiler or Layer) will occur in some flocks the reasons may as follow : 1- vaccination management must be done in first week age it needs 3-4 times to recycle to induce good and enough immunity , the litter must have good humidity that vaccine oocyst be able to continue the the cycle . the litter space not be change until 4 weeks . 2- Try to ...
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Hi Emma Rosie: The chemical compound that kills oocyst is ammonia hence the hot water presumably only washed and removes the oocyst from the ground of the house , and lime itself has no any effect on the oocyst as other disinfectant . If you be able to use detergent while you are washing house whit hot water it removes more better oocyst from the house but you must be sure that the reminder of wa ...
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Let’s talk about Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA).Lukas Bauer, Manager Technical Consultancy for GuanAMINO® at Evonik Animal Nutrition, describes the Evonik’s customer experience using GuanAMINO® focusing on profitability and return on investment
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Extremely interesting article, thank you. I have some questions about the RFID chip. How time consuming was it to attach the chip? How secure is the chip? Is it lost easily, did you experience such losses in your evaluation? Would the chips - after removal and disinfection - by re-usable? Thanks in anticipation, Martin
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Let’s talk about Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA), Part II. In this video, Lukas Bauer, Manager Technical Consultancy for GuanAMINO® at Evonik Animal Nutrition, speaks about the importance of Guidenoacetic Acid (GAA) and the sustainability that offers for the animal nutrition industry
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John Htoo, Based on the summary presented, I would like to highlight as correct, the decision of the team of researchers responsible for the work, to have used a suboptimal level of lysine to determine the best tryptophan relationship with lysine. This decision-making is justified by the fact that animals require grams of amino acids per day or phase, not percentage. Thus it can be deduced that th ...
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