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Martin Smith
EVONIK ANIMAL NUTRITION WE’RE SCIENCING THE GLOBAL FOOD CHALLENGE BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT LIFE The greatest global challenge is to ensure food security. Eight billion human lives depend on it. However, it matters how we source animal protein. BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT LIFE...
Video published on October 11, 2023
Learn more about our journey with Premix company Al-Estesharia, who we partnered with in 2015 to provide reliable solutions and services that meet their needs and the needs of customers throughout the supply chain, supporting them and the market to grow further.
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A study published in 2003 comparing the nutrition and genetics of broilers from 1957 to a commercially available broiler strain estimated that within less than 50 years of development, broilers were reared to maturation in a third of the time (Havenstein et al., 2003). This shows clear evidence that improvements in genetics, nutrition and management of rearing meat producing chickens has continual ...
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INTRODUCTIONGenetic selection in poultry has progressed continuously since the early 1960s, resulting in faster growth rates and higher meat production (Havenstein et al., 2003a,b). Over the past 60 years, body weight gain has increased fourfold from 1957 to 2005 with a simultaneous 50% reduction in feed conversion ratio and 79% higher Pectoralis major yield in males and 85% in females (Zuidh ...
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DL-Methionine (DL-Met, 99%) and liquid DL-2-hydroxy-4-methylthio butanoic acid (methionine hydroxy analogue-free acid, MHA-FA, 88%) are often used in commercial poultry feeds to meet the requirements for Methionine+Cysteine (M+C). However, differences in chemical properties and absorption decrease the relative bioavailability value (RBV) of MHAFA, which corresponds to 65% of DL-Met for performance ...
Participation in Forum on August 30, 2023
Dear All, coming back to egg mass. Good to see increases, but any thoughts on why positive control was so low? At 74 weeks, Nick Chick would be expecting about 63 - 64 g egg mass, not the 51 recorded...? MPS
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Dear Alireza, thank you for confirming the concept by an additional data set. I like to pronounce, that validating the equivalency of DL-Met and the methionine hydroxy analogue at 65:100 replacement ratio not only results in same animal performance but also in considerable cost savings when using DL-Met provided the price ratio between mentioned products is not 65%, which means the price of the hy ...
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there is nice report. We replaced in diet 65 part of DL-MET with 100 part of MHA in trial on 6000 broilers in iran. Results indicated that body weight and FCR were the same in both groups confirming 65% RBV of MHA.
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Hello. Interesting concept, that feeds would require supplementation with liquid amino acids. First, may I clarify one small point. For every amino acid other than methionine, the content of liquid products can be directly compared to solid versions; so a 50% lysine liquid will supply 500 mg lysine per g consumed. For lysine hydrochloride the value is 78% / 780 mg / g. Therefore to replace 1 g lys ...
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Ana Maria Villegas, Technical Services Manager for Gut Health Solutions at Evonik, points out some of the factors associated with Necrotic Enteritis in poultry, and how they can be managed
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Fernanda Castro, Technical Service Manager at Evonik Animal Nutrition, points out how to balance sustainability goals with meeting the nutritional needs of animals, as well as producing high-quality animal nutrition products
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