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EVONIK ANIMAL NUTRITION Better feed for better food: the science of animal nutrition is one of the keys to efficient and sustainable livestock production. And our cutting-edge feed additives, services  and  software solutions play an essential role in the process. Our proven holisti...
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Let’s talk about Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA). In this video, Lukas Bauer, Manager Technical Consultancy for GuanAMINO® at Evonik Animal Nutrition, highlights why GAA is so crucial for Improving animal’s performance land to optimized production costs
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Dr. Abdolreza Kamyab, Dear Sir, I agree with your point. The first response to removing AGPs should always be to try and reduce "crude protein" as much as costs allow. Use of pure amino acids will always improve the possibility to do this and also the cost situation. In doing so we reduce nutrient supply for potential harmful overgrowth of the likes of C. perfringens etc. However, this article als ...
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