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Mubashir Iftikhar
Poultry and Dairy Nutritionist (M.Sc (Hon's) Animal Nutrition)
Production Manager at Classic Feed Pvt. Ltd. PAKISTAN Ex-Production Manager at Hussain Feeds Pvt. Ltd. PAKISTAN EX-Assistant Production Manager at Shahzor Feed Pvt. Ltd. PAKISTAN
Poultry and Dairy Nutritionist (M.Sc (Hon's) Animal Nutrition)
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IntroductionThe use of enzymes in modern non-ruminant production has become universal. This is due to the extensive benefits observed on the productivity of both poultry and swine with its use. Although most feed ingredients used in monogastric nutrition contain adequate nutrients, monogastric animals are not able to efficiently utilize all the nutrients present in these ingredients. This has been ...
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In practical formulation, nutritionists usually consider P & Ca as per the recommendation of 'phytase company', keeping the rest of the nutrients escaped to provide benefit, if any, to birds. As for as terminology of 'P' is concerned, it's being used as 'non-phytate' and 'digestible'. The value of both is different for different sources (e.g.) MCP has 100% non-phytate P whereas its digestible val ...
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