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Participation in Forum on March 10, 2020
daniel severino yes indeed, some mycotoxins can be adsorbed or bio-inactivated inside the gastrointestinal tract of animals. Never less other supportive strategies as immune system support, organ support and antioxidant system support are also needed. You can approach local Adisseo representative for more details.
Participation in Forum on February 14, 2020
Okeke, Onyekachukwu F.i. Borutova.R. 2019. ADISSEO Brazil 2019: Survey of mycotoxins in maize.
Participation in Forum on February 14, 2020
Jonathan Tarus if we look at in vitro data than my answer is yes. Many clay minerals have good binding ability towards aflatoxins which are very polar molecules. Never less if you apply product in vivo and look at the biomarket aflatoxin M1 in milk you may see that your 98% can easily drop to 50-65%. Finally efficacy of each binder in vivo depends on concentration of mycotoxin and dosage of the pr ...
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Monitoring of mycotoxins contamination in maize is very important. In India, analysis of maize samples revealed high level of mycotoxins contamination, particularly aflatoxins.
Participation in Forum on February 10, 2020
Dear Dr. Kryukov. The mycotoxins you refer to... DON, T-2 toxin or any other trichothecenes belong to less polar mycotoxins and their successful adsorption in vivo is questionable. As you refer to in vitro adsorption test, please be aware that in vitro adsorption tests do not reflect real efficacy of product in vivo and thus should not be taken as the only efficacy measurement criterion.
Participation in Forum on July 9, 2019
ELISA is not validated for finished feed, we do not even recommend ELISA for testing of finished feed. Never less, it is the best method for testing raw materials. You can always validate your ELISA equipment and method against reference methods as LC MS/MS or HPLC.
Participation in Forum on January 17, 2018
Hafiz Wasi Muhammad Khan thanks
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An eye-opening article regarding mycotoxins presence in maize.
Participation in Forum on January 4, 2017
Dear Daniel, Mycotoxins are thermostable. You can destroy them by such high temperatures which would already destroy nutritional value of your feed. Even when you freeze grain, mycotoxins will survive. Mycotoxins are toxins and are not living microorganisms like molds.
Participation in Forum on November 21, 2015
Thank you! Radka
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