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Interesting. Please send me a spec sheet for the equipment. What is cost?
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Would combining a mycotoxin binder with selenium and vit E help with the oxidative stress?
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Hi Virginie How does the efficacy of your Safwall compare with that of Bentonite-Montmorillonite?
Article published the July 20, 2020
IntroductionThe transition period into lactation remains one of the most challenging and important phases of the production cycle in a dairy cow. It is a transient period around calving characterised by drastic changes in the hormonal status, 2 to 5-fold (Bradford, 2020) increases in nutrient demand and apportioning of 85% of body glucose to the mammary gland. Simultaneously, the requirement for s ...
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Hi Luis, You are right, we now know methionine plays a role in hepatic lipid metabolism, and in reproduction by influencing the accumulation of fatty acids that supply energy and are essential to fertility in the endometrium. Reduction of methionine is also established as a novel cellular mechanism for regulating oxidation which is important under conditions of oxidative stress in transition cows ...
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Hazem,You are right, protected amino acids are costly and there must be justifiable return on investment. I probably would not use it for cows yielding less than 8000lt. In any case, if you can determine the amount of yield of rumen microbial protein and compare that will milk output you tell whether or not the cow needs rumen protected amino acids. You also need to look at the whole diet and the ...
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We in Israel use 16.2-16.7 % CP depending on MUN looking to achieve 12-16 MUN flat TMR the entiere lactation as roughage is very expensive.We do not use ruman protected amino acids but the TMR is much more diverce in protien feedstufs than the Wisconsin diet. We use soy, canola, DDGS, sunflower mill as protein sources, so we are not sure that the Mepron or AminoShure-XM can help improve nitrogen e ...
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Manget, A brilliant idea.
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Claudia Parys Thanks for your response. It makes sense.
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Thank you Claudia. Very interesting observations. In our organisation we have developed a product that combines rumen inert methionine, choline, glycerine, C18:1 and glycerine together with vitamin E and organic selenium and the results are equally exciting. Have you considered combining methionine with histidine?
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