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Hi Mariana, I highly agree with you. I think the modern rationing system for high yielding dairy cows is causing an imbalance in the metabolism of the animal to the extent that nutrient partitioning is so skewed toward high fat milk production at the expense of health and fertility. Let us rethink and consider perhaps moderating the energy and protein content of milk to see if we can re-balance ...
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Royce, You are right. It is all about cost effective diet formulation and rationing that matter.
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Hi colleagues, Here is an interesting paper by Santos et al.
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Depending on the milk yield some supplementation with rumen protected amino acids may be necessary as microbial protein can only suffice for a limited amount of milk production.
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It is not economically advisable to use unprotected amino acids to produce microbial protein since they will be fermented into ammonia before being metabolised into microbial protein.
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Thanks for the endorsement of the role of omega fatty acids in fertility.
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Dr.FAYAZ.AHMAD SHEIKH I do not understand what you mean by reducing fertility. On digestibility, we have not experienced any reduction. When the fish oil is absorbed in a fibre matrix it escapes rumen metabolism since the particles are less than 2mm and not retained for long in the rumen plus anything that stays is released slowly so no negative impact. At least that is our experience with cows av ...
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AVR KUMAR , In our system we feed 50g/cow/day of dry fish oil premix (oil absorbed on a fibre material matrix) and we have no taint at all. I hope that helps.
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Dear Afredo,I very much agree with your view points. As you have argued, we need to focus more on the attributes of fat as source fatty acids essential to animal and human nutrition, health, performance and wellbeing. Apart from C16:0 and PUFAs, oleic acid is being recognised as having positive effective on total fat digestibility and cow body condition. The challenge though remains one of minimis ...
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Alfredo,Your brief on transition glucose and lipid metabolism are spot on. Rumen-protected glucose is something we often ignore and you have correctly highlighted it here. Another element we should consider are the omega fatty acids. We also include rumen-inert glycerine as a glucose precursor. Our ratio works out as 53:42:0.05 for C16:0:C18:1:N-3 (EPA+DHA+ALA). It works quite successfully.
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