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I specialize in raising and feeding livestock and poultry and have very professional experience in feeding dairy cows, calves, sheep and various methods of keeping them and setting different diets, ma
Doctoral degree
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NitroShure™ Precision Release Nitrogen uses Balchem’s proprietary encapsulation technology to provide a more consistent nitrogen supply to rumen microbes, allowing for greater flexibility in feeding programs. It’s a valuable tool for helping producers and nutritionists to reduce ration costs while increasing the amount of high quality protein available to the cow.
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Claudia Parys, Ruminant Nutritionist - Global Technical Support at Evonik Animal Nutrition, points out how to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of rumen-protected amino acids, the concept of Amino Acid Balancing (AAB), and more topics in this video
Article published the November 28, 2022
Calves require supplemental water early in life to support hydration, health, early grain intake, rumen development, and body growth. Supplying body water by feeding milk or milk substitute is not enough to optimize these performance factors. The rumen needs a separate source of pure water to feed the fermentation process that makes the rumen grow.But in winter, it is easier to provide water to ca ...
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Hello, Israel Flamenbaum What you think about determination THI when cooling process
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Summer heat stress negatively affects the dairy sector in Italy by harming animal welfare, increase environment pollution and reduce farms profitability.The decrease in farm profitability is caused by the decrease in cows annual milk production (feed and other expenses per liter of milk are increased when daily production is lower), reduction in milk quality (lower fat and protein content and incr ...
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The dairy industry is important for economic and food security in most countries of the world. Millions of producers around the world raise about 280 million dairy cows and produce close to a billion tons of milk a year. Global economic expansion in the last fifty years is reflected in lifestyle changes in many countries, which are also reflected in the increase in demand for milk and its products ...
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This article is written at the end of July, the hottest part of the year here in Israel, when every return home from abroad is first accompanied by going to the fridge to drink a lot of cold water. I decided that this is the right time to write about the importance of water in the dairy farm, especially for those located in warm regions. The issue of water in the dairy farm is an essential element ...
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very convincing article looks the writer has written the article based on his practical experience
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very good
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