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Popoola Adesola Correct, the SQM Iron would have to go into a supplemental mineral mix. It should be used in the mineral mix as a replacement for any inorganic iron sources that were used to formulate the supplement. The SQM Iron is not a "antibiotic" like compound, rather what we are doing is limiting the access pathogens have to the iron which is a critical mineral for their growth and detrime ...
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Amin Nahal SQM Iron is the commercial brand name for QualiTech's organic iron product. It is a chelated iron using a proprietary combination of polysaccharides to complex with the metal and avoid interactions with antagonists that could render the metal unavailable for absorption by the animal. It appears to also limit the minerals availability to pathogenic microorganisms which is what we are t ...
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Ibrahim,Thank you for your question. The calculated iron content of the basal diets came out to be about 70 ppm. And so our treatments were 20 ppm additional added to those diets. In earlier research that we conducted, it showed that these type diets needed supplemental iron. The industry values for supplementation, that we have found, range from 20 to 60 ppm additional iron. We chose to go with t ...
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Iron plays an important role in poultry nutrition. From the active site in the heme group in blood to functional groups in enzymes, iron is critical for metabolic balance. These roles for iron aren’t unique to animals, as it is also important in the growth of bacteria, including pathogens. Also, iron is a significant antagonist against minerals, vitamins and other nutrients in diets. The rig ...
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Article published the August 21, 2019
Introduction: Pathogens and Iron Requirement E. coli accumulate large amounts of iron via multiple transport systems including enterochelin transport system (McIntosh and Earhart, 1977). Three tetracyclines were found to possess iron-chelating activity as part of the antibiotic activity. (Greinier et al., 2000) Clostridium perfringens produced larger colonies, with…ferredoxin, than tha ...
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Article published the February 28, 2019
The key to managing your herd through heat stress is being ready for it. Watching the weather forecast to understand the Temperature Humidity Index (THI) is the first step in managing heat stress. The color-coded chart and tips list can help you keep your cows comfortable during summer heat. It’s important to provide fresh, cool water (70-86 degrees F.) during times of heat stress so cows c ...
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To optimize the growth and production of animals, we have long realized good nutrition is key. Trace mineral supplementation has been simplified to strictly meeting the parts-per-million requirements set out in the nutrient requirement tables, with little attention given to the form in which the mineral is provided. Recently, there has been more interest and research on the influence trace mineral ...
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Dr. Rath, First I apologize for the delay in responding to your comments. You are absolutely correct, minerals are inorganic components of daily nutritional needs. It is the form that the mineral is presented to the animal (or human) in the diet that created this classification. Back in the late 1950s and 1960s, it was found that binding a mineral to an organic compound could potentially improv ...
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Materials and methods Performance study A 42-d performance study was conducted utilizing 2640 Straight Run Broiler chicks in 88 pens containing 30 chick/pen. Each pen contained 1 water fountain and a 50 lb capacity feed tube. Pen density provided 0.67 ft2 per bird initially. Prior to trial start all pens were carefully inspected to ensure that there were no openings to allow for pen to pen migr ...
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Video published on December 24, 2013
Dr. Jack Garrett, Ph.D., Director of Technical Services & Research at QualiTech, speaks about organic nutrition in the XXI century at the Latin American Poultry Congress, El Salvador.
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