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Article published the October 18, 2021
BackgroundReducing the rate at which ammonia is released from urea into the rumen may allow rumen bacteria to more effectively capture the nitrogen released. Slowing the rate of release of ammonia from urea can be accomplished by encapsulating it with lipids. NitroShure Precision Release Nitrogen uses Balchem’s proprietary encapsulation technology to provide a more consistent nitrogen s ...
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Believe it or not, most of the encapsulation and microencapsulation techniques in use today—spray drying, spray chilling and fluidized beds, among them—haven’t evolved much since they were first introduced during the World War II era. But market conditions and consumer demand have changed dramatically since then, along with the need for more sophisticated food and feed production ...
Participation in Forum on July 27, 2020
Tuoying Ao That is an interesting concept for meeting the iron requirement of the bird. One of the problems that arises is determining not only the iron content but the availability of the iron that is measured in the diet. If the iron is in the ferrous form than it is highly available to the bird, but if it's in the ferric form then it is highly unavailable to the bird. When samples are sent ...
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Victor Deike, Thanks for your comment. Blood sources and most animal sources tend to act like iron sulfate, highly available to both pathogens and host animal. I believe that products like SQM Iron, which is chelated with a polysaccharide source is more difficult for the pathogens to utilize. The pure culture work that we are currently conducting is indicating that the polysaccharide chelate o ...
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Daniel Severino, I agree.
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Dr Valeriy Kryukov, There is some research that we have showing our product is different than other chelates on the market, but we haven't conducted extensive research on all other competitors in the market place. That would be cost prohibitive for one company to test all other products. What we have done is show the benefit of the SQM chelated products for animal production and nutrition. The ...
Participation in Forum on April 21, 2020
Dr Valeriy Kryukov , I agree with you completely. But the situation is I'm trying to position a product for the best situation for the company that I work for at this time. It is definitely important for the "science" of feeding livestock for optimum/maximum production both performance and economics. Research on multiple chelated products in the market is absolutely necessary for the scientifi ...
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Ibrahim El Idrissi, The chelator would be used to reduce the availability of the ferrous form not ferric. I assume citric acid could be used, but it might have an impact on other minerals (or trace minerals) as well so it would take a complex series of studies to evaluate level of citric acid to include and also what levels of different minerals might influence that inclusion rate. So my positio ...
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Dr Valeriy Kryukov We have conducted this broiler study twice and seen very similar results in both study with regard to reduced pathogen levels in the intestinal tract as well as improved performance by the broilers. We are currently involved in conducting pure culture studies on different strains of pathogens (E coli, Clostridium p., Salmonella, Cocci). The initial findings are showing the sa ...
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mohammad aslam Appreciate your input. Note that coated slow released phytase has been incorporated in poultry diets by poultry integrator for sometime now. Our modern microencapsulation technology is such that it can trigger release up and down the GIT therefore making availability to birds as a non issue.
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