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Introduction The transition period into lactation remains one of the most challenging and important phases of the production cycle in a dairy cow. It is a transient period around calving characterised by drastic changes in the hormonal status, 2 to 5-fold (Bradford, 2020) increases in nutrient demand and apportioning of 85% of body glucose to the mammary gland. Simultaneously, the requirement for ...
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The following are comments on your interesting paper on rapid feed passage. Just for practical purposes and to make the discussion easier we always define what is rapid feed passage before we talk about it to be sure we are talking about the same issue: "Rapid feed passage is defined here as the condition in which broiler droppings lose their normal shape and consistency, do not display the charac ...
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Introduction Since the mid-20th century, the livestock and poultry industries have seen advances in several areas including nutrition, genetics, engineering, veterinary medicine, and management, all of which have enhanced feed efficiency, growth performance, and meat yield. Recently, there has been a clamor of calls from industries to focus more on how animal agriculture affects the environment ...
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The occurrence of pasty vent is usually observed after 3 days of age when chicks are mainly depending on their feed rather than their yolk sac. Some chicken flocks present pasty vent more often than others, being their frequency variable and hard to track. How can it be prevented or treated? Could this characteristic damage the growth or feed conversion ratio at the market age? The pasty vents are ...
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Greetings, Has there been some follow-up works on how inflammation can result to woody breasts?
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USDA researcher Michael Kogut talked about microbiota and immune response after a lecture in Chapeco, Brazil.
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Santiago Ramírez (FCR Consulting Group) discussed feed formulation, probiotics and phytogenics, during the 1st PoultryUniverse Coccidiosis Congress in Curitiba, Brazil.
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Antibiotic resistance overview Global meat production increased by almost 20% in the last decade, where the pork and poultry industries showed the highest level of expansion. Rapid urbanization and increasing incomes have had a strongly positive effect on animal protein consumption. Improvements in feed technology and animal production systems have contributed to the shift from extensive to inten ...
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