Article published the August 25, 2020
INTRODUCTION Consumer demand for eggs in North America has been steadily increasing, with retail growth of 6% in 2018 in Canada, up from the 4.1% growth seen in 2017 (Egg Farmers of Canada, 2017, 2018). In the United States, 2018 per capita egg consumption increased by 2.1% over 2017 (USDA, 2019). It is therefore critical to establish suitable nutritional and management strategies that accommodat ...
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Good job Dr. Bregendahl, we need to see more data on amino acids nutrition in modern prolific laying hen in different production environments (housing in particular).
Article published the March 18, 2019
INTRODUCTION Feed cost accounts for more than 65% of variable cost of producing poultry products, and energy and amino acids account for more than 90% of this cost (Kiarie et al., 2013). In the recent past, the global feed industry has seen soaring and volatile prices of traditional feedstuffs commonly used in livestock and poultry diets due to competition with the food and ethanol industries (Wo ...
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Monogastric Nutrition Lab at University of Guelph is glad to collaborate with CBS in nucleotide research. We have seen phenomenal responses to experimental cocci challenge on tissue regeneration, immunity and gut microbiome. The graduate student (Haley Leung) presented at PSA 2017 and IPPE 2018
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IPPE - International Production & Processing Expo 2018
Article published the June 15, 2011
Introduction It is now accepted that weaning simultaneously subjects piglets to nutritional (e.g. loss of sow´s milk), psychological (e.g. mixing and moving) and environmental (e.g. change in ambient temperature) stressors and that these and other stressors contribute to growth depression typically observed immediately after weaning.  Reducing this post-weaning growth lag is critical a ...
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