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Iftikhar Mashhadi
BSc(Honours)Animal Husbndry MSc(Honours) Animal nutrition
poultry and cattle nutrition
BSc(Honours)Animal Husbndry MSc(Honours) Animal nutrition
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after working in enzyme business for more than 20 years , we are very sure that the success of the enzyme depends mainly on how much you trust in your enzyme producer professionalism and how many true information he gives to you,, by which you can give your customer true matrix values for your enzyme, in the same time he can found the claimed benefits from your enzyme product , unfortunately mo ...
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nice information Is it possible to use the said product as dual purpose against respiratotoy relief and replacing AGP's as some othe products in the market having the same ingredients but in encapsulated form are being practised for growth promotors in broiler
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The problem of multi-mycotoxins contamination can be solved by using a toxin binder having property of detoxifying multi-mycotoxins present in feed. For developing such a binder, extensive research on management of mycotoxicosis in ruminants is required to be done. For poultry I have formulated two Mycotoxin binders namely: Mycodetox B1 and Mycodetox B2 based on my decade's intensive research effo ...
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Rekapalli Jagannadham There can be sub acute ruminal acidosis or there can be subclinical mastitis or first degree ...
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informative article is it possible to withdraw coccidiostats and choline by using livoliv 250
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Respected sir syed hassan raza Hope You will be fine and enjoying good health This article is very informative and covers all aspects of the topic. No doubt you are great asset of dairy industry and University of Agriculture Faisalabad. we, your students, really respect you and appreciate your work. Dr. M. Zaeem Abbas DVM, M.Phil (Silver medalist) PhD (USPCAS)
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DR ABUBAKAR GENE Mostly for Broiler prestarter Cp%/ ME kcal kg 22.5 / 3000 with Digestible lysine 1.25% proportionally adjust rest essential 7-8 amino acids, for starter 22/ 3100 dig Lysine 1.20 % and for finisher 21/ 3250 Digestible Lysine 1.15 % this will give better response around 1.49-1.5 FCR using corn soya based diet.
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Fat found in milk originates from three sources; de novo fatty acids synthesised in the milk gland of the cow (short-chain C4 to C14) comprise about 20-30% of total milk fatty acids, preformed fatty acids (long chain C18:0, C18:1 and C18:3) represent 35-40%, and the mixed group of fatty acids (C16) make up about 35%. Research has shown that the percentage of milk de novo fatty acids is positively ...
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