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This member gave a presentation on February 21, 2024
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35th Annual Australian Poultry Science Symposium
Article published the October 23, 2023
Max-profit and stochastic approaches use production, market and nutrient variability data to formulate diets by more economically sustainable means; giving increased flexibility, opportunity and capacity for the Australian poultry industry to cope and thrive under market challenges (Moss et al. 2020; Sterling et al., 2005). However, in order for producers to accurately formulate diets using max-pr ...
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Article published the September 11, 2023
I. IntroductionTypical Australian broiler diets contain 2.5-3.0 g/kg phytate-P or roughly 10.0 g/kg phytate; therefore, phytase is included into every Australian broiler diet. As phytase is capable of increasing the availability of phosphorus, calcium, sodium, amino acids and energy content of diets, these nutrients may be decreased in the feed formulations as ‘matrix values’ without a ...
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Article published the July 10, 2023
Broiler chickens grow rapidly with nutrient requirements changing daily. However, broilers are fed 3-5 diet stages throughout their growth, meaning nutrients are under- and over-supplied throughout production (Kleyn, 2013). Thus, blending rations on a daily basis to meet the daily energy and lysine requirements may improve the efficiency and reduce the coefficient of variation (CV) in broiler floc ...
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Article published the June 9, 2023
Feed accounts for more than 65% of poultry production costs; thus, accurate feed formulation is vital to ensure poultry are receiving an optimal diet and nutrients are not in under- or oversupply. However, this is difficult when the nutrient specifications of feed ingredients are highly variable. In order to help reduce this variability, appropriate sampling methodology is critical. Nevertheless, ...
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Article published the October 20, 2022
Due to the high cost of feed for poultry, there is continuous pressure to formulate ‘least-cost’ diets that meet nutritional requirements. However, the main aim of any commercial enterprise is usually to maximise profits with the resources or inputs available. The increasingly dynamic nature of egg supply and volatility of egg price in Australia has reinforced the need for a more sophi ...
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Article published the December 3, 2021
INTRODUCTIONPoultry production is one of the largest sources of animal protein supply for human consumption in the world. For many countries, like Australia, chicken-meat is the dominant animal protein, therefore production must continue to expand to supply increasing demand. In Australia, for instance, per capita consumption of chicken-meat is predicted to increase by 7.9% over the next 5 years [ ...
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Article published the November 17, 2021
Feed represents the primary cost of broiler production, thus the formulation of cost-effective diets that meet broiler nutritional requirements is critical. To ensure this objective is met, nutrient specifications of feed ingredients must be accurately determined. However, Australian broiler nutritionists have expressed concern, as many nutrient specification databases contain dated information or ...
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Article published the October 22, 2021
It is widely accepted that the absence of suffering no longer defines animal welfare and that positive affective experiences are important (Mellor 2015). However, there are few valid and reliable tools available to comprehensively assess positive affective states of hens, particularly practically on farm. Pharmacological interventions that disrupt specific neural pathways have been shown to be a u ...
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Article published the October 21, 2021
I. INTRODUCTIONHeavily driven by public perception and large supermarket monopolies, welfare is of major concern for the poultry industry. The past few decades have seen development of poultry practices with a heavy focus on the welfare of poultry. There have been huge changes implemented to accommodate improvements in welfare, particularly in the layer industry. There are now a number of producti ...
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