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#Enzymes in poultry nutrition
Article published the October 23, 2023
Max-profit and stochastic approaches use production, market and nutrient variability data to formulate diets by more economically sustainable means; giving increased flexibility, opportunity and capacity for the Australian poultry industry to cope and thrive under market challenges (Moss et al. 2020; Sterling et al., 2005). However, in order for producers to accurately formulate diets using max-pr ...
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Participation in Forum on September 17, 2023
This is an interesting review. However, there are two or three important dietary interactions that have been overlooked. First, it is mentioned that methionine is necessary for the synthesis of choline, but I couldn't find anything on the re-methylation of homocysteine by betaine to form methionine. The re-methlyation of homocysteine is accomplished by betaine in the feed or that is formed in the ...
Participation in Forum on July 23, 2023
I am just curious, would someone please explain to me the logic of SID Ca or P? I understand that SID assays were developed for amino acid "digestibility" in chicks from assays with pigs. In pigs there is considerable fermentation in the handout so ileal canulas avoid that problem. It isn't practical to cannulate the end of the ileum in chicks, so half of the ileum was chosen as a substitute. ...
Article published the June 9, 2023
Feed accounts for more than 65% of poultry production costs; thus, accurate feed formulation is vital to ensure poultry are receiving an optimal diet and nutrients are not in under- or oversupply. However, this is difficult when the nutrient specifications of feed ingredients are highly variable. In order to help reduce this variability, appropriate sampling methodology is critical. Nevertheless, ...
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Article published the June 7, 2023
1. IntroductionStandardized ileal digestibility (SID) has become the accepted standard to measure amino acid (AA) digestibility (Stein et al., 2007a; Levesque et al., 2010). In nutrition, apparent ileal digestibility (AID) increases with dietary AA concentration while true ileal digestibility (TID) and SID are assumed to be independent of AA concentration (Stein et al., 2007a). The digestibility o ...
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Article published the October 20, 2022
Due to the high cost of feed for poultry, there is continuous pressure to formulate ‘least-cost’ diets that meet nutritional requirements. However, the main aim of any commercial enterprise is usually to maximise profits with the resources or inputs available. The increasingly dynamic nature of egg supply and volatility of egg price in Australia has reinforced the need for a more sophi ...
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Article published the March 12, 2021
DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEMBroiler diets are mainly composed of vegetable feedstuffs. These ingredients usually consist of high amount of P in the phytate form (60 to 80%). The phytate form that is found in plants is mostly unavailable to be used for broilers [1]. Phytate is negatively charged under many pH conditions, and because of this property, phytate can form complexes with positively charged mol ...
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Article published the February 23, 2021
INTRODUCTIONThe largest costs in poultry meat and egg production are for feed. Feed cost minimization is dependent on determining the proper blend of ingredients to provide the desired nutrient levels. The desired nutrient levels should be those that result in the greatest differences in returns from meat and eggs sold and feed costs. Ler-man and Bie (1975) demonstrated the importance of knowing t ...
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I think everyone in this discussion made good comments. It seems to me that all that is needed is an underlying theory to fit all the various pieces into. This is the same for phytase and all the other enzymes: First, it should be accepted that responses to enzymes follow Michaelis-Menten kinetics. Enzymes do not give linear responses. This was very nicely illustrated by Shirley and Edwards, Jr. ( ...
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