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#Enzymes in poultry nutrition
Article published the March 13, 2024
Reduced protein (RP) diets have received increasing interest in poultry nutrition due to the potential benefits in feed cost and environmental footprint (Liu et al., 2021). Understanding the order of limiting amino acids (AA) in RP diets is critical to ensure requirements are met cost effectively. To date, only the first three limiting AA (including lysine [Lys], methionine [Met], and threonine [T ...
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Article published the March 6, 2024
Coccidiosis is a disease with substantial economic impact (Muthamilselvan et al., 2016), particularly due to the push to ban anticoccidials. Vaccines are available but can be expensive, and are often implemented for free range and breeder flocks only. Thus, it is imperative to find effective nutritional alternatives to reduce the impact of coccidiosis on broiler chickens. The aim of this experimen ...
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This member gave a presentation on February 20, 2024
At the following event:
35th Annual Australian Poultry Science Symposium
This member gave a presentation on January 30, 2024
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IPPE - International Production & Processing Expo 2024
Article published the January 17, 2024
I. INTRODUCTIONThe quality of poultry feed and litter are important for maintaining and improving poultry production. Poultry feed (raw materials and formulated diet) is highly variable and large safety margins are needed to buffer the nutritional variability in feed ingredients when formulating diets (Moss et al., 2021). Feed ingredients delivered to feed mills are not comprehensively analysed us ...
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Article published the January 17, 2024
I. INTRODUCTIONFeeding the world’s projected burgeoning human population increase of 2.2 billion people by 2050 will place tremendous pressure on food security. The poultry industry is innovative and well positioned to address this problem through increased efficiency and waste reduction. Globally, 32% (by weight) of produced food − equivalent to 1.3 billion tons − is lost or was ...
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Article published the December 19, 2023
An estimated 7.3 million tonnes of food waste are dumped annually in Australia, leading to substantial environmental and economic losses (Arcadis, 2019). Additionally, poultry feed represents the majority of production cost. Therefore, an experiment was designed to evaluate food waste as a feed for laying hens. A total of 150 Isa Brown laying hens at 24 weeks of age were allocated to 3 treatments ...
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Article published the October 23, 2023
Max-profit and stochastic approaches use production, market and nutrient variability data to formulate diets by more economically sustainable means; giving increased flexibility, opportunity and capacity for the Australian poultry industry to cope and thrive under market challenges (Moss et al. 2020; Sterling et al., 2005). However, in order for producers to accurately formulate diets using max-pr ...
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Article published the September 27, 2023
Feather sexing, a relatively convenient method to separate male and female day-old broiler chicks, is no longer available especially in Australia due to a shift from slow feathering to fast feathering parent stocks (England et al., 2021). Therefore, other convenient ways for chick sexing are needed for research trials. Vent sexing is a possibility, but the time required to successfully vent sex an ...
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Article published the September 11, 2023
I. IntroductionTypical Australian broiler diets contain 2.5-3.0 g/kg phytate-P or roughly 10.0 g/kg phytate; therefore, phytase is included into every Australian broiler diet. As phytase is capable of increasing the availability of phosphorus, calcium, sodium, amino acids and energy content of diets, these nutrients may be decreased in the feed formulations as ‘matrix values’ without a ...
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