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Thank you everyone for your comments and feedback, it is very much appreciated and some very interesting points have been presented. In particular, I agree with your comment Robert Higgins. While wet litter is certainly a multi-factoral issue with many nutritional and health related predisposing factors, the importance of water line and drinker maintenance, ventilation and litter quality and depth ...
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Although proper nutrition and the addition of some fibre is very important in gut health and to some extent ammonia reduction in the barn, there is a limit as to how much fibre can be added to the diet without having adverse effects. It is probably more important to insure that there no dripping nipples, or if water troughs are used that the height of the water is such that if the birds hit the tr ...
Article published the November 18, 2016
1. Introduction The occurrence of ‘wet litter’ in meat chicken sheds is associated with concerns regarding animal welfare, flock health, food safety, environmental impacts and reductions in production efficiency. Mitigating wet litter will only be achieved when there is thorough understanding of the multidimensional causal factors. This will require a multidisciplinary approach to un ...
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Article published the October 7, 2016
1. Introduction Primarily for the provision of energy density, grain sorghum is quite frequently included in rations for pigs, poultry and feed-lot cattle. However, in a recent meeting held by the Australian Feed Grain Partnership in December 2012, nutritionists from the three industries expressed concern about the efficiency of energy utilisation in animals offered sorghum-based diets. Essentia ...
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Article published the August 22, 2016
1. Introduction At times, sorghum provides, either partially or entirely, the feed grain base in Australian pig and poultry diets but it has been associated with sub-optimal or inconsistent growth performance in broiler chickens (Selle et al., 2010a; Liu et al., 2015a). A beneficial characteristic for including sorghum in broiler diets is as a source of energy, which is mainly derived from starc ...
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