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Matrix values describes the amount of additional nutrients that are released when you add the enzyme. If you study the matrix values for a phytase product you will notice that the manufacturer claims that his product releases xx g of dig. P per kg. feed or is equivalent to adding xx g of DCP/MCP to the feed. If you are studying the matrix values for carbohydrases you will typically notice that the ...
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Hello Anonymous, I'll try to explain it. Matrix is prepared based on several trials.For enzymes used for more years there are really many trials (sometimes the matrix is corrected/updated).Comparison of the results of feed with (few levels) and without (control) the enzymes give the researcher the answer "how the enzyme influence/uplift exact nutrients values:eg. ME, avP,Ca,AA...).Then the matrix ...
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Professor Kula contribution from research and experiences stated on first paragraph that broilers can be raised successfully in cages without much problem ,to me this a strong strength to our presentation and conservation Peck order, cage fatigue I'd a common challenges in cages rearing and can be nutritionally managed like feet problems and coccidiosis in floor rearing which will be financially ...
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