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Novus International, headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, creates animal nutrition solutions for livestock, poultry and aquaculture. Novus operations include corporate offices, research and development laboratories and manufacturing facilities in more than 35 countries, as well as smaller office...
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Maintenance and nutrition of breeding flock are important to get optimal production of hatching eggs and healthy chicks for future performance. I appreciate the findings of Novus international.
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Katia mohand oussaid Hello. If you send me a message with your contact information, I can connect you with a Novus representative.
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Shahzaib Shakeel Hi Shahzaib, Mintrex is a methionine hydroxy analog bis-chelate so it provides a chemically defined structure (2 molecules of methionine hydroxy analog to 1 mineral) with protection against antagonisms in the animal's digestive tract. In terms of proteinate chelates, since a protein is several amino acids linked together, it would inherently be a larger molecule than a methionine ...
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The data should be converted to TSAA:Lys ratio for each treatment giving 100% equivalency of methionine as added between the DL and methionine hydroxy analogue sources. This would allow the reader to assess the data in context of how the reader is formulating diets and whether the data was generated below requirement, at requirement, or above requirement as the reader defines the requirement of th ...
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Hear what Mike Lanahan, Director of Business Development at Agrivida, and Al Zimmerman, Senior Director of Strategic Innovation at Novus International, have to say about this partnership that combines Novus’s nearly 30 years of research, sales, and marketing experience with Agrivida’s unique technology, and the possibility to explore new innovative products and solutions to the animal agriculture ...
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High quality eggs begin with a well-structured hen nutrition program. Learn how MINTREX® chelated trace minerals can ensure a constant production of high quality eggs throughout the laying cycle by supporting eggshell strength and reducing broken eggs.
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Novas is doing wonderful job for poultry industry Mr Vaibhav Nagpal and Mr Neeraj aremy personal friends Your products are performing very well and are quite competitive Congrats All the best Dr S Chandra
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Congratulations to the entire Engormix team on continuing to go above and beyond in delivering important, newsworthy and noteworthy information to the animal agriculture industry around the world. This growth shows that there is huge interest in what you offer on this platform AND that the industry wants to engage personally with peers, researchers and industry leaders. Keep up the great work!
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Dr. Koushik De, Director of Technical Services for South Central Asia at Novus International, describes the range of products that Novus offers in the region, which consist of protease enzyme feed additive (CIBENZA®), chelated trace mineral (Mintrex®), and nutritional feed acid (ACTIVATE® WD Max), during Poultry India 2019.
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It is an honourable decision, well crafted and when the occasion is loudest. I doffed my cap for an “Executive “ achiever, who has tremendously sacrificed his time experience and resources to the upliftment of his “dear “ technical company; to a highly competitive edge. Permit me to say, enjoy your retirement, for which you are not tired. Bravo!
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