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With this post, a general introduction to the disease, we start a series of articles about avian colibacillosis.Colibacilosis is one of the most common infectious bacterial diseases in the poultry industry and one of the main causes of economic loses. Such losses are caused by increased mortality and morbidity, lack of uniformity, decreased production, treatment costs and increased condemnation at ...
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IntroductionCoccidiosis is a parasitic infection caused by Eimeria spp and persistently affecting broiler chicken, causing high morbidity, impaired growth, and mortality [1]. Unlike many other protozoan parasites, Eimeria spp exclusively invades the intestinal epithelium showing high tissue specificity [2]. Eimeria (E.) maxima is characterized by producing the largest oocysts and male gamonts amon ...
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Poultry production is entering an era of antibiotic reduction or production without antibiotics. In such a situation, nutrition plays a crucial role and enzymes can help by reducing feed costs; however, enzymes are more than a nutrient matrix. As science of application of enzymes in feed and their effects on digestion kinetics in the gut evolve, it is becoming increasingly clear how enzymes influe ...
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APIs MARKETPre-festival stocking-up was generally completed in mid-to-late January. Some two weeks before the holiday, including the early part of this month, the market has no actual trading activity. The market has a strong wait-and-see sentiment and lacks sustained positive support.After returning from the holiday, the sales rhythm of the veterinary API market has not yet fully recovered, and t ...
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AMINONIR® delivers swift nutritional insights, aiding stakeholders in the livestock feed chain. Its rapid analysis ensures timely, informed decisions, optimizing efficiency and nutritional precision. Hear what Dr. Markus Wiltafsky-Martin from Evonik has to say about it
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Dr. Piotr Stanislawski shares his experience with Engormix members regarding the use of enzymes in poultry diets and gives his advice on how to do it properly.
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I. INTRODUCTIONCalcium (Ca) is an important nutrient for skeletal development, muscle contraction, nerve impulses, acid-base balance, and a cofactor for blood clotting and endogenous enzymes. Due to the involvement of Ca in numerous functions in the body, accurate supply of dietary Ca is essential for optimal growth, feed efficiency and nutrient utilisation. Oversupply of dietary Ca or an imbalanc ...
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I. IntroductionPhytase enzymes are commonly used in the pig and poultry feed industry mainly to increase the availability of phosphorus (P) from plant ingredients. Additionally, phytase improves the availability of other nutrients such as Ca, digestible amino acids (AA), and energy (Dersjant4Li et al. 2015a) by facilitating breakdown of phytate P and thus negating its anti-nutritional effects on n ...
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Dr Kotaiah Talapaneni Feed formulations are inclusive of feed supplements like enzymes, Gut health, AA, Vitamins, Minerals, toxin binders, and more. A few supplements are body requirements and a few aid in additional nutrition availability (Protein & Energy) and some protect the GUT health (Better absorption of feed). Undigested protein is the source for pathogen multiplication. The requiremen ...
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