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PhD, Animal Science
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Paul Wagura There are numerous factors such as egg weight, egg cooling rate, egg transport condition, egg storage duration, egg position in the machine (EST variation). Firstly, we need to discuss your situation to solve the variation. Kind regards.
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How can the variation in hatching time be reduced?
Article published the July 15, 2019
INTRODUCTION There has always been a natural biological variation in the time that commercial broiler chicks emerged from their egg shells (hatch time) even under optimum conditions of artificial incubation. Thus, early hatching chicks have generally remained in the hatcher longer while awaiting removal of later hatching chicks from the machine (pull time) (Elibol et al., 2011; Powell et al., 201 ...
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adegbenro muyiwa Please you can find the article from the link
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DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM Farm animals need optimal environment for development and growth in order to reach their genetic capacity. Any weakness of the components of environment may decrease the performance. Consuming water is one of the main pillars of the obtained performance. Importance of consumed water by animals during the growing and fattening period is a reality in the whole livestock sect ...
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Dear Dr. Shanmugam, For chicks, innate immunity is started from egg yolk utilization. Therefore, we need to recognize the quality of chick, which had absorbed yolk before placed to the house. When you have a good chick quality due to hatchery management, you dont need to care of chicks after placed. They can manage their mortality and production performance ability. I think that you need to focus ...
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Dear All! I understand Dr. Czarick consideration, that is based on experimental results. However, when I am visiting chicken houses, I can see the reaction of chicken when the CO2 is below 1500 pmm and above it. This is the reason that I try to look on that value as reference. If it is not possible to have CO2 below 1500 ppm all the time, I do not know. What I know that is possible to reduce CO2 ...
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Newsletter on Oxygen that might be of interest.
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