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Virtual 2021 PSA Annual Meeting
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Hilario P. Perez Our unit is made by Tri-Form Poly. They can be contacted at or 1-479-343-2540. The units are sized to the size of your operation.
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IPPE Marketplace - International Production & Processing Expo 2021
Article published the January 7, 2021
Gangrenous dermatitis (GD) is a serious bacterial disease affecting poultry. It generally is fatal, often within 24 hours. It sometimes seems to appear almost out of nowhere because suddenly you will have healthy birds and dead birds, but not many birds in between. While GD has been reported in commercial layers, turkeys, and broiler breeders, it usually occurs in fast-growing broilers betwee ...
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Tim M. Asbridge Howdy Tim, I would be very interested in additional information on your grinding process. I've always thought that grinding the mortality would work and speed up the process. I'm interested in trying to get the grinding process to gain some traction in the broiler industry. Thanks!
Article published the December 10, 2020
Maintaining bird comfort during the hot, humid summer is critical for optimum weight gain, feed conversion, and livability. In most situations, modern-day poultry houses are equipped with tunnel ventilation systems with large exhaust fans at one end and evaporative cooling pads at the opposite end. Evaporative pads are chosen mainly for their high efficiency, while foggers (low-pressure misting sy ...
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Dr. Ashraf Ali Qureshi I think the daily turning and agitating helps to break up the bones in the rotary composter as long as the temperature and moisture levels are correct, more so than in a static bin or alleyway composter. The size of bird being composted may also play a role. However, we are composting 5 kg broilers at times and still do not see bones as long as we have the recipe right. ...
Article published the September 25, 2020
In general, composting poultry can be described as an all-natural, environmentally friendly method of mortality management, which minimizes water and air pollution by retaining nutrients, pathogens, and odors. Given the right conditions, microorganisms break down organic material (poultry mortalities, in this case) and carbon into a useful and valuable finished product. Composting also c ...
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News published on August 18, 2020
This award is given to recognize PSA members for conducting an outstanding program of work in the area of poultry extension and outreach during a five-year period. This is an annual award and it was given during this year's PSA Virtual Annual Meeting. The PSA announcement highlights Tabler's achievements throughout his career: "Tabler is a Poultry Extension Professor at Mississippi State Univers ...
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Video published on February 27, 2020
Tom Tabler (Mississippi State University) explained how this disease is detected and gave crucial management advice when dealing with it on the farm, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
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