Article published the January 10, 2023
Nutritional strategies to improve performance of broilers offered reduced crude protein (RCP) diets supplemented with crystalline amino acids are of interest to the poultry industry. We hypothesized that the dietary inclusion of moderate amounts of insoluble fibre would stimulate gizzard function and increase the retention time of digesta in the foregut allowing more time for exogenous protease to ...
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Article published the October 21, 2022
Recent studies have shown that the decreased performance of broilers associated with feeding a reduced crude protein (RCP) diet cannot be fully recovered by supplementing essential amino acids (Hilliar et al., 2019). We hypothesized that the dietary inclusion of moderate amounts of insoluble fibre would improve gizzard function and protein/amino acid digestibility that could help to restore the pe ...
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Article published the May 5, 2022
Field pea (Pisum sativum) is a good source of protein but can also provide energy due to high starch content (Petterson et al., 1997). The slowly digestible starch in pea may improve energy utilization in broilers because of the prolonged elevated plasma glucose levels (Enting et al., 2005). Thus, partial replacement of soybean meal and wheat with pea may affect the net energy value of the diet. T ...
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This member gave a presentation on February 8, 2022
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33rd Annual Australian Poultry Science Symposium
Article published the January 4, 2022
Starch is the most abundant source of energy in broiler diets, providing about 50 % of apparent metabolisable energy. Broiler diets generally contain approximately 40 % starch, which is thought to be completely digested within the small intestine. However, the microbiota in the large intestine also plays an important role in starch digestion, producing volatile fatty acids that act as an energy so ...
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Article published the December 22, 2021
Dietary protease supplementation has been observed to improve broiler growth performance and amino acid digestibility (Angel et al., 2011; Fru-Nji et al., 2011). Improvements in broiler energy utilisation have also been observed with supplemental protease (Sorbara, 2009; Freitas et al., 2011). These positive extra-proteinaceous effects may be influenced by age and diet type. In addition, these eff ...
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Article published the December 3, 2021
INTRODUCTIONPoultry production is one of the largest sources of animal protein supply for human consumption in the world. For many countries, like Australia, chicken-meat is the dominant animal protein, therefore production must continue to expand to supply increasing demand. In Australia, for instance, per capita consumption of chicken-meat is predicted to increase by 7.9% over the next 5 years [ ...
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Article published the November 17, 2021
Feed represents the primary cost of broiler production, thus the formulation of cost-effective diets that meet broiler nutritional requirements is critical. To ensure this objective is met, nutrient specifications of feed ingredients must be accurately determined. However, Australian broiler nutritionists have expressed concern, as many nutrient specification databases contain dated information or ...
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News published on September 30, 2021
  We have decided to extend the deadline for submissions. The submissions portal will remain open until 11:59 AEST on 15th October, 2021.   We have also extended the EARLY BIRD OFFER, for the same period, so if you Pre-Register before 15th October, you will be eligible to receive 10% off your registration costs when registrations open on t ...
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Article published the September 6, 2021
INTRODUCTIONVariability in the nutritional value of feed ingredients for poultry (and indeed other livestock species) has been widely reported over several decades and has been the impetus behind a sustained body of research work. For example, Sibbald and Slinger (1962), Mollah et al. (1983), and Leeson et al. (1993) reported variation in the apparent metabolizable energy (AME) content of corn (3, ...
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