amamra maamar
Ingénieur en zootechnie
Consultant nutritionniste (production avicole ,technologie de fabrication d'aliment de bétail , )
Ingénieur en zootechnie
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Lack of adequate controls or decontamination procedures render many breeding chicken flocks susceptible to avian salmonellosis, either from contaminated environments or between birds and their young within the flock. Salmonella Pullorum (S. Pullorum), causing pullorum disease, and Salmonella Gallinarum (S. Gallinarum), causing fowl typhoid, are two major salmonellosis diseases that can seriously i ...
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IntroductionGiven the fact that the poultry industry has been a main contributor to the U.S. food supply over the past two decades, with an increase from $44.4 billion in value of production in 2013 to $48.3 billion in 2014, the necessity of capitalizing on the production of poultry is evident (1, 2). With the increasing trend to systematically remove sub-therapeutic levels of antibiotics from pou ...
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March 25, 2014
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