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Zahed Abbasi, I would just comment that to keep a look out on feed intake also, if it drops it could be a sign that indeed the enzyme is working, but because energy to all othe nutrients ratio wasn't changed that the birds now have decreased daily intake of all nutrients and could therefor also show no gain in performance parameters, even in some circumstances show a loss! But that is not the enz ...
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Mohammad Afrouziyeh i can not open your link to the newsletter!!
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From experience in freerun brown layers, it is easy to see if enzymes work. Add it on top, and you should see the results on bird weight in a week to 10 days. What the bird's weight tells you, is larger egg size and or production coming, because of increased follicle size and number. But one must have a continuous bird weigher. Accurate bird scales that has temp compensated are paramount in today' ...
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thanks keep me in the loop, Mike
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is Best-pro available in Canada?
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could i get your prespective on how much is the max amount of canola oil you would add to a layer pullet prestarter diet 0-10 days, with and without added bile
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Ewa Sujka please let me know when it might be available have you started the registering process with CFIA
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this product is very interesting were can i buy this product from in Canada am very interested in trying it in my 32000 bird organic layer operation thanks mike
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Teresa M. Agulles Teixidó hi Teresa this is mike my email is
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