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Phileo by Lesaffre
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Phileo by Lesaffre

How to support the immune system

Published: June 11, 2018
Modern poultry production allowed to increase the productivity at the farm level. As a consequence, a higher susceptibility of the birds to different bacterial or viral diseases in the poultry houses due to changing conditions like the concentration of the birds, multi-age sites, increased genetic potential but more fragile birds. Biosecurity and farm management are the basics to limit the effec...
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Phileo by Lesaffre
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Maurice Kemp
19 de junio de 2018
See: Chinnah, A.D., Baig, M., Tizard. LR., and Kemp, M.C. (1992) Antigen Dependent Adjuvant Activity of a Polydispersed 0-(1.4)-linked Acetylated Mannan (Acemannan). Vaccine 10:551.
Christopher Ssewagudde
19 de junio de 2018
Good information.
22 de junio de 2018
The addition of yeast to feed or water before and after immunization works to raise the immune system, this is what you mean
ghazanfar mehdi siddiqui
29 de mayo de 2021

Product formulation or composition?

Dr. Md. Beplob Hossain(DVM, MS Medicine)
21 de agosto de 2021
Good information. But this product available in my country Bangladesh???
ghazanfar mehdi siddiqui
21 de agosto de 2021
In my opinion low stress of toxicity to support the immune system use of probiotics in feed to support the immune system.
Arian khorshidi
20 de septiembre de 2022
Hello It is reasonable to produce high-quality chicken meat without antibiotics, requiring the use of 1 probiotic, 2 prebiotic, 3 protease enzyme, 4 acidifier, 5 multi-enzyme, 6 amylase enzyme, and 7 phytase. Of course, all of this will work for a good quality chicken, which unfortunately is almost rare in Iran.
ghazanfar mehdi siddiqui
21 de septiembre de 2022
Please suggest which type of probiotics and prebiotics is best one. Acidifier which one is best
ghazanfar mehdi siddiqui
22 de septiembre de 2022
I am prepare commercial feed its own factory best probiotics and prebiotics use in our feed
Arian khorshidi
23 de septiembre de 2022
Hello where are you? which city? What brand do you have? Can you make a phone call to me
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