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Dear Raji David Oluwagbemileke from. Thank you for your question. To give you a direct answer, this drinking water feed additive called Selko PH exist already >25 year. It helps to: -Reduce water pH, reduce stomach pH of broiler -Improve digestion, as it is a natural barrier for Gram neg bacteria (E Coli, Salmonella) -Improves intestinal health (in first part of GIT) In poultry we do have an ex ...
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Hello Product Manager, In your video you have suggested that 1/3rd of active choline is absorbed by the body where as since it is water soluble in my opinion 100% should be absorbable. If you are having some study please share. Thanks,
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Slausgalvis Virginijus Sure, Nbiotic is a combination of carefully selected herbal combination that helps a bird digest better so that there is reduction in the undigested feed in the gut. This helps in preventing the growth of bacteria which can cause disease and distress. Secondly the product improves the gut immunity to inhibit the colonization of disease causing microbes. Thirdly Nbiotic imp ...
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India is changing and poultry farmers have started doing branding of their product. Nbiotic improves the sensory parameters of the chicken meat like smell, taste, appearance etc and will definitely become the first choice of the customers.As of now, in North India, maximum birds are sold just on weight without any quality parameters and branding is very limited but in western and southern parts of ...
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I just want to question our eminent technocrats that why are we looking at the mechanism of action of herbal with respect to the western treatment method. Herbals have healing properties which help the host in getting cured through the body's own physiological process. Millions of rupees are being lost on account of productivity loss due to mastitis. Any solution which is cost effective should ...
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