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Sometimes the problem is only high ambient temperature and high water consumption, and the problem can be solved by giving acetic acid in water 0.1%.
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Introduction: Dairying has been considered to be one of the livelihood options for rural poor people, especially for landless, marginal, and small farmers in India and world. Generally, the productivity in dairy sector is low and smallholders are constrained by lack of access to quality feed. Although professionals have pointed out the importance of feeding, the ground realities or practices abou ...
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Mastitis is a multifactorial and costliest disease of all milk producing ruminants. Lack of scientific health care and managemental practices has been repeatedly high lightened for cause of mastitis. Early detection and a holistic approach is a bare need of days to combat mastitis in milch animals. The maintenance of hygienic environment, udder health and enhancement of udder immunity has been rec ...
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Heat stress is a major welfare problem in poultry industry leading to huge economic losses every year, because of heavy mortality and decreased performance. High temperatures, especially when coupled with high humidity, imposes severe stress on broiler birds and lead to reduced performance. In the past few decades, a number of Ayurvedic herbal immunomodulators and antistressors have been extensi ...
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Introduction The growth performance of broiler poultry chickens that reared at cold arid high altitude Himalayas is very poor in spite of stunning progress that has been achieved in broiler poultry industry in India over the last two decades. The reasons for the poor growth performance could be attributed to stressful environmental conditions in this region, which are characterized with hypobaric ...
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Hi, Heat stress can be reduced through1 house orientation is east - west2 roof insulation3 painting of roof to white colour4 dipping birds into water5 good ventilation is wide windows6 cooling system provision7planting of trees and long raves8 vit c in drinking water etcThanks
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Abdul Manan Khan You can try either or combination of these: 1. Glycyrrhiza glabra 2. Aloe vera gel 3. Sodium citrate 4. Mastilep gel (Ayurvet Limited)
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“25% of the world's crops are affected by Mycotoxins”. The Food and Agriculture Organization has estimated that 25% of the world's crops are affected by Mycotoxins. They are secondary metabolite/toxins produced by moulds, which causes multiple diseases, which is termed as Mycotoxicosis. It is often subclinical and may be difficult to diagnose. Problems occur worldwide, but it is esp ...
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