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Dr. Anup Kalra, Director Marketing at Ayurvet Ltd, highlights the key aspects of the latest findings of Herbology applied in animal nutrition and why Phytogenics improve the health of the livestock, in the Technical Seminar "Strategies to improve the profitability", which was held during VIV Asia 2019.
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Abdul Manan Khan You can try either or combination of these: 1. Glycyrrhiza glabra 2. Aloe vera gel 3. Sodium citrate 4. Mastilep gel (Ayurvet Limited)
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“25% of the world's crops are affected by Mycotoxins”. The Food and Agriculture Organization has estimated that 25% of the world's crops are affected by Mycotoxins. They are secondary metabolite/toxins produced by moulds, which causes multiple diseases, which is termed as Mycotoxicosis. It is often subclinical and may be difficult to diagnose. Problems occur worldwide, but it is esp ...
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I appreciate your research with phyto-based products in place of antibiotics. Public awareness is most important nowadays. Indian Poultry Association should think of as our future generations should not be in health risk. Other countries are already facing cancer due to application of synthetic products in all walks of life.
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India is changing and poultry farmers have started doing branding of their product. Nbiotic improves the sensory parameters of the chicken meat like smell, taste, appearance etc and will definitely become the first choice of the customers.As of now, in North India, maximum birds are sold just on weight without any quality parameters and branding is very limited but in western and southern parts of ...
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300 grs of aloe Vera, 50 grs of turmeric 10 great calcium hydroxide, grind them well, divide it into 10 equal parts, take one part dilute it with 150ml of water.Wash the udder, remove the milk completely apply the formulation all over the udder with a massage for 2 minutesAfter one hour wash the udder take one part of the prepared medicine and dilute it with 150 my of water and apply it on the und ...
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NDDB is running a Mastitis control popularization programme in which they tried trisodium citrate for controlling sub clinical mastitis and was able to succeed to certain level but they were not able to control the acute or chronic mastitis.We have a joint programme with them now very successfully managing mastitis and other 14 conditions without intervention of any other chemical drugs. We have f ...
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I am glad to see that there are studies being conducted using Herbal options for Mastitis (& hopefully other issues as well). While I am not an expert in Ayurveda, I believe it could be a beneficial practice as well as Herbalism, Naturopathy in our animal care. Ayurveda & Herbalism treats the disease or issue, most western medicines just treat the symptoms, whether its in animals or in hum ...
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I did share the doi for a publication that shows modulation of cytokines as the MoA of Mastilep. Here it is again for you. doi:10.4103/0974-8520.146254
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