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INTRODUCTIONFeed (ration) formulation is a technique by which different feed ingredients are combined to provide required nutrient to animals for a period of time, usually 24 hours, at different stages of production. A ration should supply all essential nutrients and energy to maintain vital physiological functions of growth, reproduction and health of animals. Ration ...
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DDGS can be used in poultry and swine feeds, provided that its quality meets nutritionist's expectations. As an industrial by-product from the ethanol industry, its composition may vary not only among suppliers but also in the course of time, depending on the cereals coming in and technological management of the plant. Therefore, we strongly recommend controlling DDGS quality as frequently as poss ...
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Crude protein (CP) is a required nutrient for dairy cattle, typically ranging from 15 to 18% on a dry matter basis. Dietary CP is often the most expensive macronutrient, and there’s been considerable interest in reducing the inclusion rate of high protein ingredients to decrease costs. In addition, there’s greater focus on reducing the ...
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What is the cost of the equipment. Are there any research done regarding its accuracy via-a-vis wet chemistry procedures?
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AMINONIR® Portable enables the reliable determination of energy, nutrients in feed raw materials and feed, as well as amino acids in feed raw materials, on-site and independent of a laboratory. The hand-held device connects with the user’s tablet or cell phone. It only requires mobile signal reception and a handful of feed or raw material without further sample preparation to determine their quali ...
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