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Analyze over 40 different feed raw materials with AMINONIR® Portable | Evonik

Published: January 25, 2021
AMINONIR® Portable enables the reliable determination of energy, nutrients in feed raw materials and feed, as well as amino acids in feed raw materials, on-site and independent of a laboratory. The hand-held device connects with the user’s tablet or cell phone. It only requires mobile signal reception and a handful of feed or raw material without further sample preparation to determine their quality at almost any location within minutes.
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Rob Shirley
24 de mayo de 2021
Comment and questions: I've seen hand-held NIR devices lose their degree of accuracy over time (i.e. the nutrient predictions from the calibrations are horrible). The hardware is often jilted out of alignment because it gets bumped, dropped and mistreated at the farm/ feed mill level (i.e. it's used as a $20,000 hammer). Is this device susceptible to this issue? Also, does your NIR have the spectral range to measure AME and both total and digestible AAs? AAs are determined in a very specific wavelength range. Thanks
Joe Magadi
21 de mayo de 2021
Interesting. Please send me a spec sheet for the equipment. What is cost?
aymen widaa
10 de agosto de 2023
Interesting, Iwuldlike to see Epec. Of the machine
Nwaogbo Monday
8 de diciembre de 2022
Please sir what is the cost of the AMINONIR EQUIPMENT
Marco A. Hidalgo
5 de agosto de 2021
Interesting It opens many other possibilites
Dr. Sandeep Jugran
20 de junio de 2021
What is the cost of the equipment. Are there any research done regarding its accuracy via-a-vis wet chemistry procedures?
Arnold Sinurat
27 de mayo de 2021

It is interesting. Some questions:
1. How accurate is the result compared to the wet chem result?
2. What would be the cost/price of such equipment?
3. Can the equipment measures the nutrients in non-conventional feedstuff?

Obong`o Robert Ouko
24 de mayo de 2021
William Ndindana
22 de mayo de 2021
Kindly send us the specs; does the machine analyze a whole array of ‘proximate’ nutrients and how is it calibrated, and what is the cost
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