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Interesting It opens many other possibilites
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Henry Berger (Global Head of Strategic Partnerships & Pipeline Innovation Integrated Health Management, Boehringer Ingelheim) speaks about his upcoming presentation at the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit 2021 on March 8, and also discusses the changes in the industry during the pandemic.
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Very interesting.
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Good tip
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Selenium along with vitamin E are very crucial and play very important role in improving anti-oxidant status of dairy cows. Selenium should be in the organic form as seleno methionine and seleno cysteine. When fed in combination, according to one study conducted by us, it significantly improved glutathione peroxidase activity, FRAP value, IGg, IGm, IGa, milk fat, milk protein and FCM (4%). When se ...
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Excellent idea.
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I wonder how do this works
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