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Article published the January 27, 2017
Maintaining a high level of reproductive efficiency is required if dairy herd profitability is to be maximized. Reproductive performance of a dairy herd is a function of certain management policies and how well these management policies are implemented in the day-today management of the herd.The first step in evaluating the reproductive performance is to identify key measurements and use them as g ...
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Article published the November 11, 2016
Artificial insemination is a powerful tool for genetic improvement that enhances the value of bred heifers. A longer duration of estrus and more mounting activity makes the detection of estrus in heifers easier than in lactating cows, thus heifers are generally more sexually active than cows and easier to catch in estrus. For optimum fertility, heifers should have three or more estrous cycles bef ...
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Article published the September 30, 2016
It is difficult to present scientifically defensible definitions and specifications for what constitutes "cow comfort", but there is no doubt those good managers "know it when they see it". Today's dairy cow may face a wide variety of environmental stressors. These may include heat stress, overcrowding, infectious challenge, poor ventilation, poor footing, uncomfortable stalls, poor management of ...
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Participation in Forum on September 1, 2016
We have seen a combination of Timed-A.I. and activity monitoring to yield the highest 21-day pregnancy rate. Usually a Double Ovsynch with insemination in the mid to 70 DIM followed by monitoring to detect a high percentage of returns. The real question is cost effectiveness.
Participation in Forum on August 30, 2016
Visual inspection for "standing" to be mounted by a herdmate is the most accurate method of heat detection. Recommendation is a minimum of two 30 minute observation periods once the the AM and once in the PM. Insemination using the AM/PM guideline works well for heifers. Pregnancy diagnosis: Earlier than 35 days post breeding ultrasound scanning, After 35 days ultrasound is best but an experience ...
Article published the August 22, 2016
During the past 50 years that AI has been practiced in the U.S. the fertility of virgin heifers has remained relatively constant at approximately 65% first service conception; whereas, the first service conception rate for lactating cows has decreased approximately 33% from 60 to 40%. Conception per insemination is the outcome resulting from a multitude of factors that interact in an intricate fas ...
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Participation in Forum on October 10, 2015
Please send me the link to your survey.
Article published the February 21, 2014
For a variety of reasons estrus detection rates in North American dairy herds based solely on visual observations are usually near the 50 percent range. Most large dairy operations use tail chalk/paint and once daily observation which is usually superior to visual observations but still allows room for improvement with service rates typically in the mid-60 percent range. Low detection rates led to ...
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Video published on August 2, 2013
Dr. Ray Nebel, Senior Reproductive Specialist for Select Sires Inc, USA, speaks about the economical impact of the fixed-time artificial insemination (FTAI) in Commercial Dairy Farms at the Proleche Dairy Day in Cordoba, Argentina, July 2013.
Article published the December 17, 2012
Proper semen handling is essential to maintain optimum reproductive performance of your AI breeding program. To maintain the high quality of semen you purchased from your Select Sires representative, you must pay strict attention to the many details of semen handling outlined is this brochure. SEMEN PACKAGING AND STORAGE Select Sires packages conventional semen in ½ milliliter straws. ...
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