What is Engormix?

Engormix has been the leading agribusiness social network with worldwide reach since 1999.

We are a digital platform with several communities of contents of interest and agribusiness solutions, with the largest user base in the world.

We connect companies and professionals with exclusive and high-quality evergreen content.

We specialize in disseminating knowledge and solutions to optimize production, while being the best branding partner for companies in the industry.


To be the most prestigious specialized social network in the agribusiness industry globally, where experiences and knowledge are exchanged, and business relationships are formed.


To connect people in the agribusiness, contributing to increasing their productivity through a specialized social network, building valuable relationships worldwide.

Our History

Birth and evolution of Engormix: Bringing the agribusiness industry together.

In February 1999, Carlos Pavesa and Esteban Rodrigo gave life to Engormix, a portal for companies and news in the agribusiness industry. Initially under the domain Engormix.com.ar, then in 2000 we moved to Engormix.com. Between 2002 and 2003, with the popularity of blogs, we incorporated forums to encourage interaction and participation from our readers.

We were born out of the need to disseminate technical and empirical knowledge and facilitate the exchange of solutions in agribusiness industry. We brought together producers, entrepreneurs, managers, academics, and scientists in a common space to connect, share news and technical content, and find solutions.

Over time, Engormix has attended international events, expanding our global presence and inviting leading experts to share knowledge and engage in conversations with users eager for valuable content.

Connecting and disseminating is part of our essence

Engormix not only facilitates access to specialized information but also adds value by constantly selecting quality content to disseminate on the network in search of balance. This way of connecting knowledge is what sets us apart and makes us unique.

We not only focus on users, but our essence is also reflected in our solutions for companies in the industry. We function as a link that filters and segments our users, allowing companies to reach the right audience with their messages.

10 Key Benefits for Your Company on Engormix


Boost awareness of your products and services in our specialized community.


Build stronger connections with your current customers and prospects on the largest agribusiness social network worldwide.


Enhance your branding efforts in the agribusiness digital marketing environment.


Maximize the impact of your annual marketing actions on your own platforms, such as your website, LinkedIn, and others.


Increase your online presence and make your marketing actions go viral.


Support distributors and sales channels by developing marketing actions that strengthen relationships.


Become a market standout and excel among competitors through an effective content strategy.


Drive the launch of new products and enhance complementary services in our agribusiness network.


Stay updated and gain valuable industry insights in our community of experts.


Advance and prosper alongside your business in our specialized community.