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Nutrition and Management Consultant
Article published the September 25, 2020
  Horn flies are small in size and typically populate the backs, sides, belly and poll areas Cattlemen spend countless dollars and hours in efforts to maintain and improve the productivity of their cattle. Forages, feed and other inputs are delivered to the animal in an ongoing effort to improve productivity at a variety of levels. Generally, this includes promoting breeding in the cow her ...
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Article published the August 27, 2020
For the last few months, it seems that immunity has been at the forefront of our thought process – not just for the dairy industry but world-wide. While everyone has been focused on staying healthy and have become increasingly aware of the importance of a well-functioning immune system (IS), these are concepts that the dairy producer needs to keep in mind almost every day. The IS in all ani ...
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Dear Branko Stuburic , the same aspects apply to protected lysine as well. It needs to be well protected from microbial degradation but release the lysine in the small intestine for absorption. A combination of methionine and lysine and one product is convenient from a handling aspect (just one product, not two). It it not the most economical solution because you can't adjust methionine and lysine ...
Participation in Forum on March 12, 2020
Dhanraj Hello! Thanks for your question. I am not certain of specific fruits that are useful in improving body weight and milk production. However, there are a number of plant extracts/phytobiotics/essential oil products that are considered more natural that have research showing effects on rumen function that support both growth and milk as well as animal health. In this context, these products a ...
Article published the January 8, 2020
For the most part, most dairies include at least some supplemental or additive products in their feeding programs. We build diets starting with the forage base, using the best forages we can, and then add different feed and grain components to provide protein and energy. Once the main nutrients are provided, it is then common to “fill in the holes” of the nutrient profile. Next, we of ...
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Participation in Forum on September 29, 2019
Hello Mariano Fernandez Miyakawa. Perhaps the word "Everything" was a bit of an exaggeration but based on ongoing reviews of the literature I as well as many others, believe that a significant amount of the problem human medicine has incurred is due to the over-prescription and mismanagement of antibiotics by human Drs and patients as well as other factors. Antibiotic feeding of food animals for t ...
Participation in Forum on September 4, 2019
The article was written as per applications in ruminant production systems. I know, by experience, that producers have "overfed" antibiotics for years. Not from the standpoint of feeding higher levels that legally allowed but in situations where it may not have been necessary. I.e. feeding it as a form of insurance. Personally, no, I don't believe that fed antibiotics, particularly in ruminants ha ...
Article published the August 26, 2019
As of January 2017, the FDA began a stricter regulation of antibiotics commonly used in the animal-feeding industry. Livestock and poultry producers alike have been accused of overfeeding various antibiotics, largely for growth promotion purposes (i.e., for increased feed efficiency and profitability). The ones the medical industry and the consumer have been most concerned with are those deemed m ...
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Article published the October 10, 2018
When a cow becomes pregnant, some of the nutrients it consumes will be used by the developing calf. There is no other time in the calf’s life when the development of tissues, organs and systems is occurring as rapidly as early weeks in utero. While the volume of nutrients needed as building blocks for this process is very small, in the first few weeks after conception access to the specific ...
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Article published the October 9, 2018
One of the most common topics discussed when feeding pasture and breeding cattle is protein. Producers are concerned with crude protein in their hays, pastures, supplements and so on. We regularly concern ourselves with 20 percent protein range cubes, 35 percent protein liquid feeds or 24 percent protein tub supplements. Crude protein is a number we regularly use to compare hays or supplements a ...
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